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bottles of orange and green juice

They’re touted for their health benefits, yet many supposedly salutary beverages are loaded with natural or added sugars to make them tasty — even irresistible. The USDA recommends adults limit their daily sugar intake to about 50 to 75 grams. Others recommend less: The World Health Organization advises no more than 25 to 38 grams (4.2 grams is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar).

So, just how much total sugar are you getting along with any benefits in your favorite “healthy” drinks? Take a look at the following popular beverages.

6–10 grams in an 8-oz. serving (most bottles contain two servings)

Orange Juice
21–24 grams in an 8-oz. serving

Sweet Tea
22–28 grams in an 8-oz. serving (most bottles contain two servings)

Flavored “Nutritional” Water
27 grams in a 20-oz. serving

Matcha Latte
24–32 grams in a 12-oz. serving

Sports Drink
34 grams in a 20-oz. serving

Bottled Smoothie
43–54 grams in a 15.2-oz. serving

This article originally appeared as “Sugar in Your “Healthy” Drink” in the April 2021 issue of Experience Life.

Michael Dregni

Michael Dregni is an Experience Life deputy editor.

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