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Stephanie Gerber

When new mom Stephanie Gerber first began blogging in 2011, she hoped writing would help her recapture a sense of self. She immediately gravitated toward sharing her favorite natural-beauty and DIY ideas — a coconut-oil body scrub, a homemade candle, a simple craft for kids — and how they could add more joy to her home and life. Now Gerber is a mother of three, and her blog, Hello Glow, has evolved into a trusted resource for healthy recipes, spa tutorials, and green-cleaning ideas.

We caught up with Gerber to learn more about what inspires her, and how her wellness approach has evolved.

Experience Life | What inspired you to start your blog in 2011?

Stephanie Gerber | I quit working full-time when my son (my second kiddo) was born, and I became super obsessed making everything on my own: bread, yogurt, baby food — you name it. Yes, I went off the deep end a bit. But it was totally different from how I had been raised, so it was an adventure to learn about and try all these new things. The blog became a way to capture the experiments, and also help me justify the time I spent on them.

EL | What is the role of beauty in living a healthy, vibrant life?

SG | I think there’s obviously a physical benefit for putting good stuff in your body and on your skin — I mean, it matters! But there’s more to it than that. When you take the time to think about your needs and really care for yourself, I think there’s a psychological component as well. As a mom, it’s so easy to lose yourself to the endless diaper changes and carpooling and meals to make. I’m sure it’s different for every woman, but for me, the blog recipes and projects became a way to stay connected to who I was, and I think that’s the ultimate nourishment for your inner glow.

EL | What makes do-it-yourself beauty a good alternative to most personal-care products on the market?

SG | There are amazing products on the market for sure. And if you don’t feel like making your own stuff, don’t feel guilty about it. My sister has zero desire to DIY and that’s OK. Just try to get rid of the yucky ingredients! I enjoy making my own stuff because I’m a control freak. I know what skin issues I have so I can personalize things. And there’s a sense of accomplishment, too. Some people, like my sister, run marathons and some make their own soap. Do what makes you happy!

EL | How do you balance motherhood with your work on Hello Glow, and how has the site evolved as your children have grown?

SG | As blogging has turned into more of a job than a hobby, I’ve really appreciated the flexibility it’s given me. It was the perfect fit for my need to keep learning and feel like I had a purpose outside of motherhood. My youngest starts kindergarten next year, which feels a bit insane.

EL | What one wellness ritual would you recommend to someone who wants to start living a healthier life?

SG | A long soak in the bathtub is a super-easy ritual to start with. Pour in a couple of cups of Epsom salts and a scoop of coconut oil — that’s as complicated a recipe as you need. You’ll be hooked on the mental and physical benefits: You’ll de-stress, soak up magnesium, and come out with super-soft skin.

Learn more about Gerber at, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram @helloglowblog.

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