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Georgia Pellegrini

Feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, Georgia Pellegrini left her New York City banking job to follow her true passion for foraging and cooking food and soon became an avid hunter. Pellegrini believes experiencing the full process of what it takes for your dinner to reach your plate makes us more conscious of the world around us.

She hosts Adventure Getaways, where she teaches participants how to shoot a shotgun, clean their game, and cook it.

Here are some of Pellegrini’s insights on what it takes to be a modern pioneer.

Experience Life | When did have your “aha” moment that started you down the path of becoming a forager and hunter?

Georgia Pellegrini | When I finally chose to leave my job in finance and do what made me happy, I had a watershed moment while working at a restaurant as a chef. I wanted to learn to pay the full karmic price of the meal and decided that instead of having ingredients come to me, I wanted to shepherd the ingredients from field to stream to table.

EL | What was the most challenging part about leaving your New York City job to become a modern pioneer?

GP | Letting go of the material things in pursuit of what made my soul happy was a little scary at first. But very soon after, it felt so deeply satisfying and not like work at all, and so I knew I had made the right decision. When your work becomes your life and your life becomes your work, and they go together so symbiotically, it is a blissful thing.

EL | What have you learned about yourself as you shifted your lifestyle?

GP | How few things one really needs to be truly satisfied. We are all surfing this virtual reality, driving ourselves to achieve certain goals and ambitions, but I can say that having achieved almost everything that I set out to, there is no “there” there, and that being truly happy is in the people and experiences we surround ourselves with.

EL | Why do you feel hunting has made you a more conscious consumer?

GP | Hunting has allowed me to actively participate in the cycle of life. I treat my food with integrity all the way to the plate and don’t waste any of it because I am more tuned into what had to happen for it to get to my table.

EL | What’s your favorite meal that you love to prepare, start to finish? 

GP | I love cooking a whole hog in a barrel smoker for 12 hours. It’s a fun meal to cook for a large crowd and quite the centerpiece on the table.

EL | What’s the one thing you hope people can take away from your Adventure Getaways and your story?

GP | I believe that using our hands and stepping outside our comfort zones is one of the most profoundly important things we can do as human beings. On my Adventure Getaways the women have the opportunity to try new things, roll up their sleeves, and experience life more viscerally. And the experience transforms them forever. In a world where we are pressed for time, “manual literacy” is an important antidote to this technology-driven life we all live, and it is a deeply important thing to do to maintain balance.

Learn more at, and keep up with her on Instagram at @georgiapellegrini and Twitter at @GPellegrini.

Laura (Fogelberg) Lineburg

Laura Lineburg is Experience Life’s associate director of marketing and media strategy.

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