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If there was ever a time to cut myself some slack, it has arrived. I am just not able to be the perfectly humming, organized, and get-things-done machine I am used to being. Scratch that, I am not even close!

Being so pregnant has not only initiated major slowing down and doing less, but it has also asked me, heck, forced me, to look steadfastly at the ways I borderline tolerate my slower pace and productivity by shedding bright lights on the missing link: abundant love for, acceptance of, friendliness toward, and forgiveness of my waddling, napping, less-timely self.

I am hence using this post as my pledge towards greater nurture, greater willingness to say, hey this is who I am right now. Instead of falling into half-forgiving resign to my now necessary daily rest and my frequent bowls of vegan ice cream, I am letting myself delight in and downright lap them up!

My wish for you is exactly the same:

PLEASE, no matter how much you feel yourself lagging, not measuring up, or just plain lolling, CELEBRATE it and you. Don’t just tolerate who you are today with a companion eye roll, but fully forgive and indulge yourself for not being the super-charged, fantasized notion of greatness that is made entirely of illusion anyway. You already are greatness incarnate. Believe me.

You’ll be surprised – I am certainly astonished every day – how life doesn’t fall apart at the seams when we are not on our most proactive game. The universe actually flows quite wonderfully without our anxious push.

We might as well nurture and act warmly towards ourselves as is then, no? And scrap the critical and intolerant voice in our heads, however sloth-like or behind the beat we are acting…

After all, there really isn’t any race to be won here. The Olympics are officially over. Go ahead and give yourself a break. Cut yourself some beautiful rippling slack. More than anything, be your very best, most adoring and open-armed friend. I’ll join you, right after I wake up from my afternoon snooze.

In sweetness and adoration,


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