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a tea kettle hangs over an open campfire

How to Build a Campfire

A picture of a roaring campfire next to a river.

These basic instructions are all you need to light up your next outdoor adventure.

5 Foil-Pack Meals

grilled shrimp and veggies in a foil pack

Perfect for camping, grilling, or a mess-free meal in your kitchen, these foil packets are simple and satisfying.

Campfire Cuisine

Campfire Bibimbap

Yes, you can camp out and still create healthy, whole-food meals. Try these recipes on your next camping trip (or at your next backyard cookout).

How to Eat Well When You’re Camping

Eating Well While Camping

Roughing it doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck with bad food. Try these tips and tricks to keep your food up to your standards.

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7 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself From Ticks

a woman hiking on a nature trails sprays her legs with repellant

Protect yourself from these disease carrying pests with these tips.

The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

a beautiful sunrise over a lake

Learn the Leave No Trace principles to help us protect and care for our wild spaces.

Tread Lightly

feet with hiking boots on a narrow nature trail

Heading out for an adventure? Here’s how to ease your footprint on the landscape.

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The Benefits of Solo Camping


Try solo camping to stoke your appetite for adventure, bring you closer to nature, and to put you in touch with your true self.

Almost Roughing It


Not a fan of hardcore camping? Learn more about “Glamping“. You’ll get out in nature — but without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Searching for Solitude in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree State Park

An Experience Life editor travels to Joshua Tree in search of quiet. She finds something else.

National Treasures

National Treasures

The National Park Service turned 100 in 2016. Celebrate by exploring the remarkable places it protects.

My Partner Likes to Camp, and I Like Hotels — What Should We Do?

Different travel styles

In any relationship it’s important to celebrate differences and find common ground. A couples’ mediator provides insight and guidance to this conundrum.

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How to Pack a Backpack

How to Pack a Backpack

Be prepared for any hike that comes your way with this easy, efficient, and ergonomic approach to carrying your gear.

Back Packing 101

hiking through dessert canyons

Heather Balogh Rochfort shares insights from her new book, Backpacking 101, on planning the ultimate backcountry trip — and 10 essential items to pack.

6 Night-Hiking Tips

a person stands by a mountain lake at night

Hiking after dark heightens the senses in wonderful ways. Learn about the thrills and the chills — plus the skills you need to undertake this adventure.

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Wilderness Lessons: Developing Outdoor Survival Skills

two muddy young adults

Can you make a fire without matches? Build a shelter with no tools? Track a small animal across a forest? At today’s wilderness and survival schools, these skills aren’t lost arts. They’re tomorrow’s lesson plans. Learn more.

Workouts to Train Your Body for Outdoor Adventures

Illustration of a woman on a treadmill with a backpack on.

Get trail-ready with advice and exercises from our expert trainers to prepare you for hiking, backpacking, paddling, or portaging activities.

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