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Inadequate folate levels can lead to both minor and serious conditions, including anemia as well as elevated concentrations of homocysteine (an inflammatory amino acid) in the blood, often a marker for cardiovascular disease. The following symptoms may be associated with inadequate folate. Talk to your healthcare provider if you suspect a deficiency.

  1. Breathlessness
  2. Fatigue or low energy
  3. Feeling faint
  4. Heart palpitations
  5. Irritability
  6. Mental sluggishness
  7. Miscarriages
  8. Pale skin
  9. Reduced appetite
  10. Poor digestion
  11. Faulty immune function

This was excerpted from “Follow the Folate” which was published in March 2017 issue of Experience Life magazine.

Julie Kendrick

Julie Kendrick is a science writer based in Minneapolis.

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