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Spring-Clean Your Fitness Routine

By Jen Sinkler
Ready to dust offyour fitness commitments and polish up your plans? Here, fresh from Experience Life's how-to files, we've gathered the guidance, inspiration and practical tips you need to do the job right.
Workout plan calendar

Plan for Success

By Kelly James-Enger and Experience Life Staff
Determined to get into better shape? Don't drive yourself to exhaustion: Coach yourself to satisfaction — and real results that last.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Exercise

By Kate Larsen
Exercise anywhere is a good thing. Exercise everywhere is better. From the reliability and flexibility of in-club workouts to the variety and expanse of outdoor adventures — give your body the best of both worlds and you'll cover all kinds of new fitness ground.

Learning the Easy Way

By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Working with a personal trainer or an exercise Instructor is a great way to boost your fitness know-how – particularly if you take an active role in your own learning.
a man lunges with a kettlebell in his living room

Maximize Your Metabolism

By Victoria Freeman
If you want to take off — and keep off — unwanted pounds, a healthy metabolism is your body's best fat-burning friend. Find out which habits can make or break your body's ability to produce energy from would-be pudge.
a person running away from the camera on a wooded trail

How to Test Your Endurance

By Matt Fitzgerald
Sometimes the best way to track your progress toward your fitness goals is to pick a test and make it a regular part of your regimen. Which benchmark assessment you choose depends on what you want to measure.
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