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Love is in the air. Explore this collection of articles to help you create more intimate and healthy relationships — with yourself, your friends, or your partner.

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Romantic Relationships

a couple sits on a park bench overlooking the ocean

9 Strategies to Create a More Civil, Loving Marriage

By Jacquelyn B. Fletcher
Why are we so rude to our spouses, yet courteous, kind, and patient with complete strangers? Paying attention to good manners and small niceties may be the key to sustaining the vitality of your relationships.
a couple looks at each other affectionately

How to Build Romance Through Gratitude

By Courtney Helgoe
Genuine appreciation can increase intimacy in your relationship. Here's how.


a group of friends prepare to take a selfy

How to Create More Mindful Friendships

By Spiwe Jefferson
Become a better friend by thoughtfully considering how you show up in your closest relationships.
a guy friends walk and talk

4 Ways to Be a Good Friend

By Jessie Sholl
To have good friends, you must be a good friend. The following telltale signs are adapted from Andrea Bonior’s The Friendship Fix.


Woman drawing heart on bathroom mirror.

Cultivate Self-Compassion

By Brian Johnson
Kristin Neff’s life-changing strategies can help you be kinder to yourself.
silhouette of woman holding yoga pose with butterflies

The Body Is Not an Apology

By Sonya Renee Taylor
We can all do better than self-acceptance. Here are 10 tools that can move us toward radical self-love.

Reviving Relationships

Relationship Revival

Relationship Revival: How to Renew A Relationship

By Courtney Helgoe
Even the best relationships can get dulled by time and drained by stress. Happily, there are simple ways to renew your bond — no matter how long you’ve been together.
feet lined up on opposite sides of a thick, white line

How to Navigate a Strained Relationship

By Katherine Reynolds Lewis
Our differences don't have to keep us polarized. Try this expert advice for forging unexpected connections.
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