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Experience Life editor in chief Jamie Martin

Taking It All In

By Jamie Martin
A reminder about being present, courtesy of a phone-free trip to the Grand Canyon.
a woman stands looking out on a mountain lake with her arms outstretched

How to Develop a ‘Stretch’ Mindset

By Scott Sonenshein, PhD
Working with what you have can be the key to more sustainable success. Adopting a "stretch" mindset can help.
Mechelle sprinting down stairs

Mechelle Lewis Freeman on Moving Fast

By Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
How an Olympic sprinter, nonprofit founder, high-performance coach, and mom juggles the demands of daily life.
a family enjoys a meal

5 Ways to Find More Time for Family Meals

By Michael Dregni
Psychologist and family therapist Anne Fishel, PhD, offers several strategies for finding more time to dine together.
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