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colorful physio tape being applied to a shoulder

Does Physio Tape Really Work?

By Andrew Heffernan
Expert answers on physio, or kinesiology, tape and if it's right for you.
a person holds their foot

How to Fix Plantar Fasciitis

By Andrew Heffernan
Expert answers on how to relieve plantar-fasciitis pain.
a man holds his knee while standing on a stopped treadmill

How to Prevent Knee Pain When Doing Cardio

By Andrew Heffernan
Expert answers on keeping your knees safe while still getting a high-value cardio workout.
a woman foam rolls her IT band

How to Foam Roll Your IT Band

By Experience Life Staff
Is mysterious knee or hip pain curtailing your workouts? Tight iliotibial bands may be to blame. Phil Malloy, PT, a physical therapist based in Chicago, shares two exercises to help.
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