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a healing touch therapist places her hands on persons calf

What Is Healing Touch Therapy?

By Jennifer Pedalty

For pain, sprains, broken bones and even surgical wounds, healing touch continues to gain clout as an energy medicine that helps the body heal itself.

colorful physio tape being applied to a shoulder

Does Physio Tape Really Work?

By Andrew Heffernan

Expert answers on physio, or kinesiology, tape and if it’s right for you.

Natural Strategies for Preventing Migraines

By Casie Leigh Lukes

In light of the FDA’s approval of the first medical device for preventing migraine headaches, we offer an overview of natural prevention strategies — and explain why identifying the root cause is important.

a person holds their foot

How to Fix Plantar Fasciitis

By Andrew Heffernan

Expert answers on how to relieve plantar-fasciitis pain.

a man holds his knee while standing on a stopped treadmill

How to Prevent Knee Pain When Doing Cardio

By Andrew Heffernan

Expert answers on keeping your knees safe while still getting a high-value cardio workout.

a woman foam rolls her IT band

How to Foam Roll Your IT Band

By Experience Life Staff

Is mysterious knee or hip pain curtailing your workouts? Tight iliotibial bands may be to blame. Phil Malloy, PT, a physical therapist based in Chicago, shares two exercises to help.

a man holds his knee

How to Ease Joint Pain

By Experience Life Staff

Expert answers on easing joint pain, naturally.

a woman holds her lower back after a run

Fitness Fixes: How Do I Strengthen a Weak Lower Back?

By Jen Sinkler

Use loaded-carry exercises to build QL strength and break the “chain of pain.”

a man holds his knee

Fitness Fixes: How Do I Fix Runner’s Knee?

By Jen Sinkler

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, or runner’s knee, can often be resolved by strengthening the core and glutes. 

a woman performs a lat pull down

Fitness Fix: How to Loosen Tight Lats

By Experience Life Staff

Restricted latissimus dorsi muscles can inhibit the range of motion of your arms, destabilize your core, and lead to back, neck and shoulder pain. Here’s how to improve their range of motion.

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