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a foot rolling out on a tennis ball

6 Stretches for Sore Feet

By Karla Walsh, NASM-CPT, AFAA
Relieve foot pain with these six simple stretches.
people hold a seated forward fold during a yoga class

Can Yoga Make Me Too Flexible?

By Jen Sinkler
Expert answers on why yoga may cause hypermobility and loose joints.
a woman foam rolls her IT band

How to Foam Roll Your IT Band

By Experience Life Staff
Is mysterious knee or hip pain curtailing your workouts? Tight iliotibial bands may be to blame. Phil Malloy, PT, a physical therapist based in Chicago, shares two exercises to help.
a woman holds her lower back after a run

Fitness Fixes: How Do I Strengthen a Weak Lower Back?

By Jen Sinkler
Use loaded-carry exercises to build QL strength and break the “chain of pain.”
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