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a family enjoys dinner together

9 Tips for Scheduling — and Actually Enjoying — Family Meals

By Jon Spayde

For hectic families, enjoying a meal together may feel like a luxury. These tips can help make the dream a reality.

what is Swedish death cleaning?

The Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

By Jon Spayde

This life-affirming practice can start at any adult age — and help your possessions live on in a meaningful, thoughtful way.

a woman shares something she read online with her friend

What to Do When a Loved One Posts Misinformation

By Jon Spayde

Misinformation is all around us, even in our social circles. Learn how to respond to it without losing your cool.

a person complaining

How to Cope With Chronic Complainers

By Jon Spayde

Here’s how to avoid getting drawn into other people’s negativity spirals.

a couple go over their monthly budget

9 Expert Tips for Managing Finances With Your Partner

By Jon Spayde

Talking about money can be hard, but sometimes we have to do it — especially if we manage finances with another person. Here are some strategies.

illustration of a family sitting in a tree holding a nest of birds

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

By Jon Spayde

It’s time to do away with the traditional idea of The Talk. Parents can teach kids about sex in a way that empowers, rather than simply embarrasses, the younger generation.

hands grip a steering wheel

10 Strategies to Overcome Driving Anxiety

By Jon Spayde

Worried about getting behind the wheel? Here’s expert advice on how to manage your fears by adjusting your expectations, your route, and your environment.

a woman in her kitchen talking into a phone

10 Strategies to Help Halt Diet Talk

By Jon Spayde

Comments and conversations related to diet culture can trigger complicated emotions involving food and weight. One expert offers advice for setting healthy boundaries.

healthy foods surround a receipt

10 Strategies to Save Money on Healthy Groceries

By Jon Spayde

Buying healthy groceries certainly seems to make more of a dent in the budget than it used to. One expert offers advice for taking a fresh look at your food expenses.

a woman writes in a journal

How to Use Journaling for Mental Health

By Jon Spayde

Explore six types of journaling practices that can offer meaningful benefits for your mental health.

a woman sits in front of a blank canvas holding paints and a paint brush

How to Jump-Start Your Creativity

By Jon Spayde

Artistic pursuits are more than just a form of self-expression — they can also be a health- supporting addition to a balanced life.

A remote workspace

What Will the Postpandemic Workplace Look Like?

By Jon Spayde

Whether we’re working from home or in “third places” like coffee shops and coworking spaces, we are reinventing the way we work.

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