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If there’s one thing that can make health and wellness easier, it’s convenience — the less of a barrier there is to something, the more likely it is you’ll do it (and stick with it). And Life Time is hoping that the location of its new Medford at Station Landing club — in the greater Boston area of Medford — will make a healthy way of life more achievable for residents who live in and commuters who travel through the area.

“We are bringing our athletic country club features and hospitality to the city,” says Victoria Bollinger, general manager of Life Time Medford at Station Landing. “Due to the location of this club, we have the opportunity to tap into the different areas and communities surrounding it, including the city of Boston itself. We’re excited about the new number of people who will be able to better their health with the addition of this destination and through our unique spaces and offerings.”

Life Time Medford at Station Landing will be conveniently located right across the river from Assembly Row, a hot-spot destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment. It’s also accessible via the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) public transit.

The club will span approximately 50,000 square feet across three stories. Let’s check out the specific spaces:

Workout floor at Wellington station

Life Time Medford at Station Landing will occupy a former sports-club space and what was once a basketball court will now be the home of an expansive workout floor. “We decided to capitalize on that huge area so we can offer more equipment and space to our members as they practice their healthy way of life,” explains Bollinger.

Here, members will find cardiovascular equipment, weight machines, free weights, a functional-training area, and a resistance training area. It’s also where they will participate in GTX, Alpha, and Ultra Fit signature group training classes.

locker rooms at Wellington station

The executive locker rooms feature complimentary daily lockers, towel services, showers, and premium toiletries.

“There’s really nowhere else in the area where you can get in a great workout led by top performers, enjoy a little you-time with our spa-like amenities, and then shower and head off to work or wherever you’re going feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of your day,” says Bollinger. “It’s a luxury experience that we expect to be appreciated, especially by our commuter members.”

If you have time in your day to extend your pampering, you can head to the LifeSpa for a massage, facial, or body treatment.

studio at Wellington station

“The third floor is going to be our dedicated space for studios,” explains Bollinger. “We’ll have four total studios: one used for Barre and dance-like classes, one focused on strength-training and high-intensity interval training classes, and then one each for our yoga and cycle classes.”

indoor pool at Wellington station

If swimming is your preferred form of exercise, head to the first floor to dive into our four-lane indoor lap pool.

membership concierge desk at Wellington station

“The LifeCafe will be a great option for those looking to refuel with a shake after a tough workout or grab a coffee or healthy bite on their way out the door,” says Bollinger. “It will be an awesome resource for our members to make smart food and beverage choices without compromising on convenience.”

If you have any questions as you begin to explore your new club, all you need to do is ask. “Our concierge team consists of passionate team members who have a knowledge of all aspects of the club,” says Bollinger. “They are here to provide an excellent member experience and partner with members on their journey.”

Get to Know Your GM: Victoria Bollinger

Victoria Bollinger headshot

What is your experience with Life Time — and how did you get into this role as a general manager?

I started with Life Time as a member in 2015 at the Upper Arlington, Ohio, location. Not long after that, I realized since I was at the club and enjoyed it so much, that I might as well work there! I joined the team as a member engagement advisor. I loved meeting new members and inspiring them to live a healthy way of life.

About a year later, I moved to our Deerfield Township location and became the assistant sales manager. After a year and a half at that club, I took the opportunity to move to Boston to be a part of the grand opening team at Burlington. I was promoted to sales manager there in 2018, and promoted again in 2021 to general manager in training.

That brings us to now — I was so excited to accept the position as the club’s general manager and help open the new athletic country club at Medford at Station Landing. I have absolutely loved living in Boston — the food, the people, the sports (go TitleTown!) — which makes bringing Life Time closer to the city such a personal and special experience.

What excites you about the opening of Life Time Medford at Station Landing?

When I helped open the Burlington club, I took the time to reflect on what a privilege it was to bring our luxury athletic country club to a new community and to bring those people and businesses into our healthy way of life vision — now I’m doing that with this new club. I am thrilled to be a part of the first club accessible via the Boston public transit system, allowing Life Time the opportunity to impact even more lives.

I can personally attest to the amazing relationships I have created through my tenure at Life Time, and I think it is so incredibly rewarding to be able to foster those connections for our members, team members, and the communities around us. 

Why do you believe in a healthy way of life, and how do you incorporate that mission into your days?

I believe in the saying, “When you feel better, you do better,” and one of the things I love most about my job is empowering people to feel better. There is so much misinformation about health and wellness, and we often treat it as something to check off our to-do list rather than something we get to do for ourselves.

We also tend to only view health and wellness through the scope of fitness and nutrition, when it actually encompasses so much more! I live out my mission every day by not just eating well and exercising, but also by nurturing my personal and professional relationships, spending time outside, finding ways to contribute to a healthy planet, practicing self-care, and connecting others to the amazing resources we provide at Life Time so they can live healthy lives as well.

As a leader, it’s important to me to make sure I’m in a space to deliver the best of myself to our team members and members every day, as well as model healthy approaches so that it gives others the freedom and space to do the same. 

Is there anything people might be surprised to learn about you?

I have six brothers and sisters, I have flown an airplane, and I am opening a club and getting married at the same time! Other than spending time at Life Time, I love to be outside hiking, boating, and swimming — really anything to soak up the sunshine.

Do you have a favorite way to use Life Time?

I love so many aspects of Life Time — I wish I could pick just one favorite to share. It’s hard for me to choose because we have so many exceptional offerings. One day I may be in a yoga class, and the next day in a cycle or GTX class, basking in a sauna, or enjoying a massage. I truly enjoy it all!

However, the one thing I cherish more than anything here are the extraordinary people that make up each of our destinations. Our members and team members are the heart and soul of our mission and I feel blessed to have them as part of my story.

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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