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The community of Beaverton is set to welcome Life Time’s newest athletic country club — and the first in Oregon — this summer. Located only a five-minute drive from downtown Portland, Life Time Beaverton is central to many area residents.

“This new facility, along with the amenities, spaces, and programs it’ll offer, is going to be something that most of the Northwest has never seen before,” says general manager Jarod Cogswell. “Particularly in the Portland market, Life Time Beaverton is located in such an ideal spot because it captures all the surrounding communities and allows them solutions for their health, fitness, and coworking needs.”

The athletic country club spans 248,000 square feet of space (including nearly 45,000 square feet dedicated solely to the Life Time Work coworking facility). Let’s explore the Life Time Beaverton space:

beaverton workout floor

A variety of classes will be offered in the club’s seven studios: one each for indoor cycle classes, Pilates, and barre, plus two for yoga and two for all other group fitness class formats. “There’s no health club like this in the market, one that has diverse offerings and options for all levels of fitness,” says Cogswell. “We have what other boutique gyms have — and more. We have the best instructors, coaches, and trainers.”

Life Time provides a variety of robust offerings for all fitness preferences in the studios and on the expansive workout floor, which features cardiovascular- and resistance-training machines, free weights, and stretching areas. This is also where you’ll find GTX, Alpha, and Ultra Fit signature group training classes (included in your membership).

“If you want the best yoga classes, you’ll find them at Life Time. If you want the best strength and conditioning programming — which you can engage in through Alpha classes — you’ll find it at Life Time. If you want the best studio experience, barre experience, or cycle experience, you’ll find it all at Life Time,” says Pacific Coast area director Brian Gaeta.

beaverton outdoor pool

The 9,000-square-foot Kids Academy will feature a dedicated infant room, toddler area, multi-level play maze, tumbling studio, movement studio, arts and language studio, kids’ gym, and a learning lab.

“In the Kids Academy, we’ll have curriculums set up for and that are appropriate to all ages,” says Cogswell. “This is going to not only be a club for moms and dads, but it’s going to be a club where kids have a great time too, and experience something far beyond just a child care setting. This is a place for kids to grow, learn, move, and play. It’s going to be the most diverse family offering in the market.”

Parents can drop off their kids for up to 2.5 hours of complimentary childcare while they utilize the athletic country club’s myriad offerings. This is the perfect time to take a studio class, meet with a Dynamic Personal Trainer, pamper yourself with a service at the LifeSpa, or grab a coffee with a friend.

“Our Life Time Kids Academy is a program-based, age-appropriate, healthy-way-of-life experience for our junior members,” explains Gaeta. “We provide programming for infants all the way up to 11-year-olds. When a kid turns 12, they can engage in adult programming at the club. There’s truly something for all ages!”

beaverton indoor pool

Life Time Beaverton will include two indoor lap pools, and an indoor leisure pool with a zero-depth entry. On the outdoor pool deck there will be an additional lap pool, water slides, and a whirlpool.

“The combination of our indoor and outdoor pools really serve three purposes: first, adult and junior programming inclusive of swim team, swim lessons, and/or master swim for adults; secondly, individualized lap swimming at each adult member’s leisure; and lastly, a leisure pool experience inclusive of water slides, outdoor whirlpool, poolside beverage and food services, and outdoor poolside events,” explains Gaeta. There will also be private whirlpools and a cold plunge housed in the locker rooms.

The seasonal poolside Bistro service will allow members to order food and beverages poolside, choosing from an array of healthy options on our LifeCafe Bistro menu.

beaverton life cafe

Life Time Beaverton will house three indoor pickleball courts and one full-size basketball court. “These pickleball courts are going to be utilized and in high demand,” Gaeta predicts. “We’re going to ensure that we hire the very best pickleball pro, not just to facilitate a great amenity experience, but also a great program experience through offerings such as group lessons and private lessons.”

Cogswell anticipates a lively pickleball community. “An important part about pickleball is that it’s a relationship-based sport, and that’s going to keep our members joined at the hip,” he says. “It’s definitely a community-oriented activity, and all levels are welcome to play.”

The full-service LifeCafe will offer a go-to spot for members to fuel before and after their workouts with healthy meal options and shakes. Meet up with a friend for a bite or move on to the next part of your day with grab-and-go nourishment.

Adjacent to the LifeCafe, you’ll find a bar and coffee bar area. “We imagine this bar area being used as a morning coffee bar by day, and an evening bar and lounge by night,” explains Gaeta. “Can you get a beer or glass of wine midday? Or an afternoon espresso pick-me-up? You certainly can!”

beaverton life time work

On the same property as the athletic country club, there will be a nearly 45,000-square-foot Life Time Work coworking space.

A Life Time Work membership provides several tiers of working space — including a private office, a private desk, and access to the working lounge — depending on your membership type. You’ll enjoy reliable Wi-Fi service, private phone booths for sound-proof calls, an outdoor break space, and full access to all the amenities at the athletic country club — just a walk away via a skyway!

“The architecture is really inspiring; it’s a very energetic space,” says Cogswell. “This working area can serve up to 400 individuals at any given time. It’s also going to be where we host events, social hours, and other wonderful opportunities to meet other people. My mind has been going crazy with all the health and wellness ideas to take place in this space!”

Gaeta adds, “If our Life Time Work members have an hour break in the heart of the morning or the evening, they can catch their favorite studio or group training class, or have a Dynamic Personal Training session. We are right there on property. They can walk across the skyway that connects Life Time Work with the athletic country club and immediately jump into their program or workout of choice. It’s so convenient!”

Get to Know Your GM: Jarod Cogswell

What is your experience with Life Time — and how did you get into this role as a general manager?

I spent more than 20 years in the Portland market as a general manager of an upscale athletic resort, consultant for fitness and business professionals, performance coach, and a speaker. In 2019, I left the Northwest and moved to Tennessee with my wife. Then, we eventually landed in Denver, Colorado to be closer to the mountains.

I have always admired Life Time and consider the company the best of the best in the fitness industry. So, after cocreating Spartan Races’ fitness brand, DEKA, I reached out to Life Time’s amazing recruiting team to explore potential roles.

When I was made aware of this opportunity, I pursued it vigilantly. And in all honesty, it wasn’t an easy process, despite my background. As an external candidate, I had to prove that I was the leader I claimed to be. So, I was sent to Life Time Westminster, outside of Denver, to work alongside their outstanding general manager and human being, Jill Shusterman.

Her awesome team demonstrated the Life Time brand at the highest level and gave me the tools and skills to help elevate Life Time Beaverton to its full potential. It’s been fun learning and being a rookie again. I have an even higher respect for how Life Time not only focuses on remarkable experiences for its members, but also its people. I can’t wait to bring all that I have learned to our destination in Beaverton.

What excited you about the opening of Life Time Beaverton?

First, the opportunity to introduce the brand to the market. The combination of an athletic country club and a coworking space is something the entire Pacific Northwest has never experienced. It’s such an honor for me to come back home and share this with the surrounding communities and my family and friends.

Secondly, I’m excited to cast for a world-class team. An extraordinary culture must first be built within. Our goal is to win the caring game with one another, our valued members, and the community we serve. Our opening team is about to embark on something game-changing for not only the region but the entire fitness industry.

Why do you believe in a healthy way of life, and how do you incorporate that mission into your days?

After 30-plus years as a trainer, coach, and industry veteran, I sincerely believe my purpose is to enhance lives through fitness. I’m as passionate about my own personal fitness as I ever have been. It’s positively impacted me in so many ways and has allowed me to say “yes” to so many experiences and surround myself with like-minded individuals who push me to be better. I’m on a constant quest to crush excuses and beat the younger version of myself.

I’m looking forward to participating in classes alongside our members and taking advantage of the plethora of programs that we’ll have to offer. I must incorporate a healthy way of life into my daily regimen to better myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. And I can’t wait to connect with those on the same journey.

Is there anything people might be surprised to learn about you, and what’s your favorite way to use Life Time?

One of the exciting things about moving back to Oregon is that I get the opportunity to reach my goal of summitting Mount Hood 100 times. I’m currently at 93 and wasn’t sure if I would reach that objective living afar.

With that being said, I always have that aspiration on my mind when it comes to training, so I train accordingly. The great thing is I have everything I need at Life Time to make that dream a reality. Some of my favorite classes are GTX and Alpha, and I’ll definitely be utilizing our fitness center and recovery tools — even the cold plunge!

The last thing that I would like our community to know is how much I appreciate them putting their faith in us to serve and build relationships with them. I’m also super excited to be back and living close to my daughters and friends. This is home and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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