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Antony Brown

One of the best parts about opening a new Life Time athletic country club is finding the top talent to support our members.

“This will be the first-ever Life Time Lake Zurich team that we’re establishing, so I find it incredibly exciting to hire new team members and promote from within the company to form this group,” shares Lindsay Boeke, general manager at Life Time Lake Zurich. “I look for team members who are passionate about helping people. We are in the business of serving members and providing hospitality in order to cater to our members every day.”

Meet the Team at Life Time Lake Zurich

Tamara Ortner, Membership Concierge Leader

Tamara Ortner

How did you get started with Life Time?

I have been with Life Time for 19 years between the Algonquin and Schaumburg locations in Illinois. I am currently a Membership Concierge Leader and will continue working in that role as I transition to Lake Zurich.

Working on the concierge team is not only about providing a high-level experience for our members, but also having a true understanding of every program offered throughout the athletic country club. Our goal is to build relationships and get to know our members and guests by connecting them to offerings and programs that fit their needs, all while providing positive experiences.

What brought you to Life Time Lake Zurich?

I remember attending my first Life Time grand opening at Algonquin as a member over 20 years ago. Not only was the building beautiful, but the team members were so friendly and helpful — it was such an exciting experience for me.

Now as a team member, I want to create those magical experiences for our members, guests, and the community of Lake Zurich. Our amazing performers and state-of-the-art facility will provide the true country-club feel for these members.

What’s your connection to Life Time’s healthy way of life mission?

Fitness has always been a part of my life. I enjoy staying active, feeling healthy, and remaining fit. I love taking studio, yoga, and cycle classes, and attending signature group-training classes for a healthy balance. I encourage team members and members to try all our amazing classes!

Due to the fast-paced environment and amazing people who I have met over the years, I cannot imagine working anywhere else besides Life Time.

Antony Brown, Personal Training Leader

Antony Brown

How did you get started with Life Time?

I’ve worked with Life Time for eight years. I started in Bloomingdale, Ill., and then helped open the Oakbrook location. I work as a Personal Training Leader, and I’ll be responsible for building and leading a team of world-class personal trainers at Lake Zurich. I’ll lead the team to have the skills and abilities to build their Life Time personal-training business and deliver the Life Time vision and mission to our members. 

What brought you to Life Time Lake Zurich?

I love the challenge of taking on a fresh group of fitness professionals and mentoring and coaching them to perform to the best of their ability, resulting in each of them helping members reach their best results possible to live a healthy life. The Lake Zurich location looks amazing and will help us deliver top-class dynamic personal training.

This group of team members will help our members feel healthy and great. This location will be beautiful and cater to the members’ needs. From completing a challenging, but awesome, results-driven workout on the workout floor, to recovering with a massage in the LifeSpa, or relaxing by the pool, this is truly an amazing experience. Parents can also have a peace of mind while they’re using the club because their kids will be having a blast in the Kids Academy!

What’s your connection to Life Time’s healthy way of life mission?

Life is too short not to enjoy it. And to fully enjoy it, we need to feel good in our bodies. I love setting a good example for my family, friends, training team, and anybody I work with. I’ll be encouraging whoever I meet to prioritize their health as well. I hope to build an amazing community that lives a healthy way of life!

Rachel Vogeney, Studio Leader

Rachel Vogeney

How did you get started with Life Time?

I have been a Life Time team member since 2018. I started working as a Group Fitness Instructor before transitioning to an ELI instructor (elite instructor) at the Schaumburg location, and then helped with the Northbrook team as they had their grand opening. From there, I became a Studio Manager in-training at Schaumburg, before transferring to Algonquin as a Studio Manager in January 2021.

What brought you to Life Time Lake Zurich?

At Lake Zurich, I’ll be working as a Studio Leader. In that role, I will develop our large and small group class offerings including our studio, cycle, yoga, barre, ARORA, and signature group-training programs. I am excited to work with group fitness instructors, yoga teachers, and coaches to make our class schedule unlike anything else offered in the community.

I am thrilled to be a part of creating this culture at Lake Zurich — it’s one culture that feels welcoming to everyone and a place where every interaction has intention, leaving you wanting more! Life Time Lake Zurich is going to be a community where everyone belongs. We aren’t here to just change the lives of individuals, but to lean on each other, learn to love ourselves, and be the best for our community in the process.

What’s your connection to Life Time’s healthy way of life mission?

As a dancer, I was always a person who loved to move. I also knew that I loved people and loved being able to coach others to learn to love themselves. I have found the perfect blend of movement and coaching with fitness. I love being able to share my love for movement and people equally at Life Time.

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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