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A man and a woman playing pickleball at Life Time.

There are many reasons pickleball has exploded in popularity: It’s easy to learn, it’s fun to play, and it’s social. The increase in demand has led many businesses to expand opportunities for play, including Life Time, which, by the end of next year, will have invested more than $25 million in the sport.

David Dutrieuille, national pickleball director at Life Time, joined KARE 11’s Julie Nelson to discuss the sport and how Life Time is working to meet the demand for its members.

“Pickleball is exploding at a rate that I don’t think any business has really seen,” says Dutrieuille. “If we were to take the same numbers year to date last year, this year we’ve seen over a 9,000 percent increase.”

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You can view the KARE 11 story here: “Popularity of Pickleball Continues to Rise in Both Business, Pleasure

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