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Coach Nick assisting a 30x30 woman with a workout.

Getting into a fitness routine can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to exercise or looking to restart after some time off. However, there’s one action that can go a long way toward progress — and that’s consistency.

You hear it all the time: consistency is key. But there’s a lot of truth in that statement. The jury is out on exactly how long it takes to establish a new habit, but the more days in a row you can commit to moving your body, the more likely it is that your fitness becomes a routine that sticks. The 30×30 program was created with this in mind.

Nicholas Sandoval (a.k.a. Coach Nick), CPT, one of Life Time’s in-club fitness professionals and a coach for Life Time’s suite of digital weight loss and training programs, developed the 30×30 program to help you jump-start your exercise habits.

We asked Coach Nick to tell us about 30×30 — and a little bit about himself too, as he’s the coach that will be with you every step of the 30-day program.

What is the 30×30 program?

The 30×30 program is my challenge to you: 30 workouts in 30 days, each roughly 30 minutes in length.

I’ve programmed the workouts so you’re focusing on different muscle groups each day of the week. By the end of the week, you’ll have worked your entire body. Week-to-week your sets and reps will increase, providing just enough progression to set you up to see results.

I also provide quick and effective nutrition guidance to help complement your workout routine. With a focus on keeping things simple and balanced, I offer some timesaving pro tips, for example, items you can buy premade to cut down on prep time.

Why did you want to create the 30×30 program?

From years of working with clients, I know that it’s those who are consistent with their efforts that gain the best, lasting results. And as a father of three children, I also know that most of us don’t have all day to work out. The 30×30 program shows that you don’t need to perform long, strenuous workouts to get results — you just need a solid, smart, and consistent plan.

Consistency isn’t established by doing something every few days — it’s established when you show up every single day. I made the 30×30 program to help those who are taking the first steps toward reestablishing their routine commit to themselves for 30 days — and hopefully beyond.

Who is the 30×30 program best for?

This program is great for anyone who is looking to get into a consistent exercise routine and wants their workouts and nutrition choices to be convenient and efficient. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming to get back to a previous fitness level, this program can meet you where you’re at.

Tell us about the workouts: what can participants expect from those?

You’ll complete a 30-minute session every day. Your workouts will start with priming sets to ensure you’re properly warmed up before going into the main part of your workout. We exercise daily not only for consistency, but also so that by the end of the week you’ve worked muscle groups throughout your whole body.

By breaking up muscle groups throughout the week, it allows your body to fully recover before we hit that body part again. This helps ensure you’re not too sore to continue on with your routine.

The workouts can be completed almost anywhere. Other than your bodyweight, the only equipment we recommend are dumbbells and resistance bands.

If I’m interested in the 30×30 program, how can I get started?

If you’re a Life Time member, open the Life Time Digital app and click “Weight Loss and Training,” or you can also click here on the web. Select “Explore Programs” and you’ll be able to choose the 30×30 program to enroll in.

If you’re not a Life Time member, you can  learn more about the weight loss and training programming that’s included with memberships.

5 Questions With Coach Nick

1. What’s your favorite workout move?

The stationary lunge with a single-arm row. I love it because it utilizes so many different muscles, so it can fit well into just about any of my lifting days. It can be a great warm-up or be dropped in the middle of a workout. Isometric exercises can be as equally challenging mentally as they are physically.

2. How about your least favorite workout move?

Running! My attention is always being drawn to other things, so it’s hard for me to focus on one move or exercise for a long period of time.

3. What’s your go-to piece of workout equipment?

A good, heavy set of dumbbells. You can do so many things with them and they’re great for building and keeping strength balance throughout the body.

4. How do you get energized or motivated for your workouts?

I pop on some music and mentally walk through the workout. I visualize completing everything with perfect form and imagine how much stronger, healthier, and happier I will feel on the other side of it.

5. What’s your best tip for maintaining consistency with a workout plan?

I’m a nerdy box checker, so setting up a plan and executing each small piece of it daily keeps me motivated. Tracking all the details (e.g., weights, reps) during my workouts and tracking my nutrition gives me the visual feedback I need to see how far I’ve come and reassure me that I’m on the right track.

I like paying attention to small daily details instead of larger end results, that way I can count all my mini wins every day. Winning is motivating!

If you want to learn more about Coach Nick, you can do so here: “Get to Know Your Trainers: Meet Nicholas Sandoval.”

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Access the 30×30 program on the Life Time app. Simply open the app, look for it under Workouts & Programs, and click into it to enroll.

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Lindsay Ogden, CPT

Lindsay Ogden is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and is the personal training manager at Life Time in Eden Prairie, Minn. She’s known to many as “Coach Lo” and believes sustainable health is an ongoing process and that finding joy in your daily habits yields the best long-term results.

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