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A father, mother and daughter smiling while bike riding together outside.

It’s Father’s Day, and I know so many amazing dads and father figures are getting showered with love from those who admire them. I want to take a moment to showcase one of the two most important men in my life — my dad, Greg.

My dad is my fishing and biking partner, guidance counselor, and role model for leading a healthy, fulfilling life. He will also soon be my pickleball partner, as we’re planning to take an Intro to Pickleball class together later this month.

When my dad retired, the word that people repeatedly used in speeches about him was “integrity,” as he has it in spades. He guides me through hard decisions in my life, but never gives me the answers. Instead, he asks questions like, “Will it substantially improve the quality of your life?” If the answer is no, don’t do it or buy it.  If the answer is yes, and I can afford it (as he taught me frugality), do it.

My dad is a model for staying physically and socially active. He walks or bikes every day, sits in a sauna multiple times per week, and meets his “coffee club” buddies of over 40 years nearly daily, where they debate all kinds of interesting topics. In fact, I joined this coffee club four years ago when I started considering a program for older adults at Life Time (now known as ARORA).

Like many people, he has overcome physical challenges like replaced knees, and most recently, the need for a pacemaker. His lifelong commitment to being active has helped him to bounce back faster and continue doing the things he loves, including all the activities we enjoy doing together. I feel so fortunate and grateful for him and the bond we share.

Renee Main and her father, Greg, while out on a bike ride together.

At Life Time, we think dads are pretty special, and we have plenty of fun ways for them and you to spend quality time together. Shoot some hoops, take a dip in the pool or whirlpool, play a a multi-generational pickleball match — there are so many options.

I also want to acknowledge that this day of recognition isn’t always easy — especially for those whose fathers or other significant role models are no longer with them. I’m thinking of you.

And for those who are celebrating, Happy Father’s Day to all of you!

Renee Main
Renée Main

Renée Main is the senior vice president and co-founder of ARORA, Life Time’s community supporting healthy living for older adults. She also leads Life Time’s sustainability initiatives, as healthy people is dependent on a healthy planet.

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