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a variety of quick and easy meals for weeknights

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals

From simple sheet-pan dinners to stir-fries, these recipes can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Sheet-Pan Meals

Steak, peppers and onions on a sheet pan.

Steak Fajitas Sheet-Pan Meal

By Kaelyn Riley

This Mexican-inspired sheet-pan meal combines marinated flank steak with bell peppers and red onion.

Tofu, red pepper and snap peas on a sheet pan.

Honey-Garlic Tofu Sheet-Pan Meal

By Kaelyn Riley

This vegan sheet-pan meal combines marinated tofu with red bell pepper, snap peas, green onions, and sesame seeds.

Veggies with shrimp sheet-pan meal

SOMETHING SIMPLE: Sheet-Pan Summer Veggies With Shrimp and Feta

By Kaelyn Riley

This one-pan meal is perfect for a low-fuss, veggie-filled dinner.

Salmon, green beans and squash on a sheet pan.

Citrus Salmon Sheet-Pan Meal

By Kaelyn Riley

This complete sheet-pan meal combines salmon, asparagus, and butternut squash with a piquant lemon-garlic sauce.

Corn, sausage, shrimp, and potatoes on a sheet pan, with a bowl of sea salt and a few lemon wedges on the table next to it.

Shrimp and Corn Sheet-Pan Boil

By The Life Time Health Team

With simple ingredients and four easy steps, you’re only a half hour away from this at-home take on a summer seafood boil.


Orange Chicken With Cauliflower Stir-Fry Rice

Orange Chicken With Cauliflower Stir-Fry Rice

By The Life Time Health Team

Better than takeout — and (bonus!) it’s gluten-free, too.

Sandwiches & Wraps

sauted veggie sandwich

Veggie Grilled Cheese

By Robin Asbell

This veggie-packed grilled cheese contains roasted garlic, broccoli, and red peppers.

chickpea salad wraps

Chickpea “Tuna” Salad Wraps

By Robin Asbell

These vegetarian “tuna” salad wraps use chickpeas instead of tuna.

sweet and spicy chicken lettuce wraps

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

By The Life Time Foundation Team

High in protein, full of flavor, and picky eater approved.


Kale Caesar

Kale Caesar With Parmesan Crisps

By Robin Asbell

Replace the traditional croutons with crispy Parmesan frico in this creative kale Caesar salad.

mayo free herby chicken salad served in lettuce wraps

Herby Chicken Salad

By Maddie Augustin

This mayo-free recipe features Greek yogurt, fresh herbs, red grapes, and walnuts, offering a fresh and healthy twist on a classic picnic dish.

California salad recipe by Danielle Walker

California Dinner Salad With Maple-Cider Vinaigrette

By Danielle Walker

Make this salad your own by incorporating a variety of fruit, nuts, and seeds and then topping off with a homemade maple-cider vinaigrette.

smoked fish and napa salad

Smoked Fish and Napa Cabbage Salad

By Robin Asbell

This hearty fall salad uses hot-smoked trout and an Asian-inspired dressing made with garlic, ginger, rice vinegar, and honey.

Kid Friendly

Danielle Walkers mac-n-cheese

Danielle Walker’s Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese

By Danielle Walker

In less than 30 minutes, you can make this creamy family-friendly dish.

chicken tenders served in a metal tray

Chicken Tenders

By The Life Time Foundation Team

Do your kiddos beg for chicken nuggets? Feel good about serving them these tenders that are free of Harmful 7 ingredients.

Pizza Meatballs with dipping sauce.

Pizza Meatballs

By The Life Time Health Team

Enjoy as an appetizer or serve with roasted veggies to make into a meal.

30 Minutes or Less

rainbow panzanella

Rainbow Panzanella

By Robin Asbell

Crusty sourdough bread, heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and lots of fresh basil and mint create this salad bursting with color and flavor.

easy spicy tofu

SOMETHING SIMPLE: Spicy Braised Tofu

By Maddie Augustin

This protein-rich, vegetarian main dish is ready in less than 15 minutes.

lemon caper chicken and cauliflower rice recipe by Danielle Walker

Lemon-Caper Chicken and Cauliflower Rice

By Danielle Walker

You can make this gluten-free and dairy-free recipe by Danielle Walker in less than 30 minutes.

shrimp scampi by Danielle Walker

Shrimp Scampi

By Danielle Walker

Substitute spaghetti squash for pasta in this quick and healthy recipe from Danielle Walker.

easy baked veggie tostadas

SOMETHING SIMPLE: Baked Veggie Tostadas

By Maddie Augustin

Just a few healthy ingredients, 30 minutes, and two sheet pans is all you need to make this simple weeknight meal.

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