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plastic water bottles
By Kaeti Hinck
Bottled water might be convenient, but the environmental impact of the petroleum-based plastic bottles it comes in may have you looking for alternatives.
sara snow
By Jamie Martin
Natural lifestyle expert Sara Snow shares her lifelong experience of healthy eating and simple living in hopes of empowering others to make more rewarding and sustainable choices.
By Courtney Helgoe
Feeling confused about what to eat? Unsure about which foods are safest, best for you, and best for the environment? Join the club — then join the ranks of a new group of informed eaters and good-food advocates who are bringing a variety of better, clearer, more satisfying choices into view — and within reach.
Five Elements Five Seasons
By Karen Olson
How getting in touch with wood, fire, earth, metal, and water can improve your health.
By Alyssa Ford
Toxic chemicals surround us - often in the places we'd least suspect. Want to protect your body, your home and your world from harmful pollutants? Start by knowing where to look.
By Greg Samza
When we begin to account for the true cost of our everyday purchases and choices, apparent bargains can become expensive indeed.
New View of Health
By Experience Life with reporting by Kelly Grace
Once perceived as the domain of medical experts tasked with keeping our symptoms at bay, the realm of personal healthcare has expanded. It now includes broader definitions, more integrated, preventive approaches — and, perhaps most important, us.
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
The world's oceans deserve more attention, says Philippe Cousteau Jr. So he's using his famous name and his gift for storytelling to raise the oceans' profile - and, he hopes, to ensure a better future for the planet.
By Karen Olson
Fresh air. Open sky. The beauty of the horizon. Most of us wish we could spend more time outside enjoying nature's gifts. Now, a growing body of research is giving us even more compelling reasons to heed those desires. Discover why time spent in nature is time wisely invested in personal well-being.
By the Experience Life Team
Your health depends on a complex, connect-the-dots network of variables that make up your ecosystem and the systems that sustain it. Discover the keys to keeping both you and your planet healthy — by following nature's models, and honoring life's connections.
By Catherine Guthrie
Mercury in fish and dental fillings. Lead in old paint. Cadmium and arsenic in industrial wastes. There's a lot of talk about heavy-metal toxins these days. But how worried should you be, really? And what can you do to protect yourself?
By Kim Carlson
Clear air. Clean water. Clean Earth. What's good for the planet is good for you! Here's how to make your life a little more eco-friendly.
By Dimity McDowell
Meet a new breed of athlete — fitness lovers who are leading the charge to protect and preserve access to the natural environments on which their favorite sports depend.
By Jane Alexander
Ever wonder how much toxic sludge your body is carting around? If you want to be healthy, fit, and bursting with energy, it's time you learned a little about detoxification and internal cleansing.
By Dave Wondra
Too often, our intimate relationship with the natural world fades with childhood. But somewhere, in each of us, an essential craving remains.
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