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By Patrick Downes
Relax with guided imagery.
By Karen Olson
Boost your health, hope and happiness with a powerful dose of gratitude.
By Jack Challem
Yes, your eating habits play a big role in determining your disease risks. But did you know that they also have a huge effect on your state of mind?
woman smiling while driving
By Eliza Thomas
Does getting behind the wheel make you anxious or angry? Embark on the road to relaxation with these commute-improving tips.
By Linda Wasmer Andrews
Still holding a grudge? Here's how to make peace with those who may have wronged you – and find more peace for yourself in the process.
Woman stressed out
By Victoria Freeman
Not all stress is bad for you. But the response system that was designed to save your life can also do some serious harm. You can take steps to see that it doesn't.
By Teri Cettina
The workday is done. You're heading for home – and into an adjustment period that can either make or break the rest of your day.
By Marcia Jedd
Structural Integration techniques like Rolfing can improve your posture, your athletic performance and your sense of well-being. But are you ready to be Rolfed?
By Jennifer Pedalty
For pain, sprains, broken bones and even surgical wounds, healing touch is gaining clout as an energy medicine that helps the body heal itself.
By Helen Cordes
So much for a carefree childhood. Today, even little kids are susceptible to full-size stresses. Here's where the stress comes from, and what you can do about it.
By Elson Haas
Are you revving too high, running on fumes and sputtering at stops? Get yourself into the fix-it shop for diagnostics and a 10-point tune-up.
By Clara Beacon and Robert Koski
Curious about whether men and women experience stress differently, two friends take an informal poll of their colleagues and acquaintances. The results are unscientific - but not uninteresting.
By Dennis Cass
Never been one to quit? Maybe you should give it a try! If you're drowning in a sea of commitments, a little constructive quitting could do you a world of good.
By Experience Life Staff
A centuries-old Chinese system for cultivating health, vitality and enlightenment, qi gong is now gaining a reputation here in the West - as one of the most effective stress-busters around.
By the Experience Life Team
Two common misconceptions about pedicures: They are just for women, and they are all about pretty polish.
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