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a person runs along a shore line

Do We Really Slow Down As We Age?

By Michael Dregni

Studies of elite masters endurance athletes indicate it may not be age that slows us down but rather a drop in physical activity.

a man talks with his doctor

New Therapies for Prostate Issues

By Michael Dregni

Recent studies have revealed the possible causes of CP/CPPS, along with a variety of treatments.

shop shelves with bulk items stored in glass containers

Toward a World With Less Plastic

By Michael Dregni

Read a short overview of the UN Environment Programme’s ambitious plan to reduce plastic pollution by 80 percent by 2040.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams on Setbacks, Comebacks, and Resilience

By Michael Dregni

Tennis champ Venus Williams on how the ups and downs of a nearly 30-year career have challenged and changed her.

a woman lies down with an arm over her eyes

Are There Biomarkers for Long COVID?

By Michael Dregni

Yes, people with long COVID have specific biomarkers in their blood, according to a recent study in the journal Nature.

a pair of shoes, thermos and towel sit on an ice covered lake

Take the Polar Bear Plunge

By Michael Dregni

Looking for an instant boost to your health and mood? Go jump in a (frozen) lake.

three phone screens with people working out

The Ugly Side of #FITSPO

By Michael Dregni

Can “fitspiration” potentially cause more harm than good? Learn how #FITSPO can undermine mental health and body image.

Shaun White

Shaun White: From Snowboarding Legend to Mentor and Entrepreneur

By Michael Dregni

The five-time Olympian talks about stepping back from competition and leaning into exciting new adventures.

feet walking through the woods

The Surprising Connection Between Your Calves and Heart Health

By Michael Dregni

Referred to as your “second heart,” your calves play a vital role in your cardiovascular health. Here’s how.


What You Need to Know About the Eye Microbiome

By Michael Dregni

Recent research reveals our eyes have a microbiome, just like the gut and skin do. Learn how this finding may be used to treat eye disorders.

illustration of sperm swimming to a birth control pill

“The Pill” for Guys?

By Michael Dregni

An array of male contraceptives are under development — including a new, nonhormonal male birth control pill.

two people walking

Do You Have Knee Osteoarthritis? Walking May Help.

By Michael Dregni

Walking may decrease knee pain among those with osteoarthritis — and it may even prevent additional joint damage, according to a recent study.

dark chocolate bars

Are There Heavy Metals in Dark Chocolate?

By Michael Dregni

Yes, but there are steps you can take to mitigate your exposure to these toxins.

a woman fighting cancer smiles

Good News on the Cancer Front

By Michael Dregni

Here are some positive highlights from the American Cancer Society.

a person gets their eyes checked

The Controversy Surrounding Lasik Eye Surgery

By Michael Dregni

This highly popular elective procedure has been under scrutiny as the FDA contemplates issuing warnings regarding potential complications. Learn more.

a woman wears a mask while outside looking at her phone with an air quality warning

How Air Pollution Undermines Physical and Mental Health

By Michael Dregni

Many people may underestimate the extent to which air quality can affect their physical health and mental well-being. Read on to learn more.

a person showers outside

How Can I Keep My Body Cool During Heat Waves?

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

Here are some clever strategies to try.

a woman sits at the bar with a drink

A Serious Rise in Alcohol-Related Deaths

By Michael Dregni

A recent CDC study reports an alarming rise in alcohol-related deaths, and the pandemic appears to have exacerbated the issue. Learn more.

a person holds a hand of pills

Fecal Transplant in a Pill

By Michael Dregni

Learn more about the first FDA-approved fecal-transplant pill, which is designed to treat C. diff..

a child stands on a scale

Treatment Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Met With Concerns

By Michael Dregni

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently updated their guidelines to recommend earlier and more aggressive treatment options — including bariatric surgery and pharmaceuticals — for children identified as obese,. However, some experts are concerned. Here’s why.

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