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a child stands on a scale

Treatment Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Met With Concerns

By Michael Dregni
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently updated their guidelines to recommend earlier and more aggressive treatment options — including bariatric surgery and pharmaceuticals — for children identified as obese,. However, some experts are concerned. Here's why.
what to eat to support a health gut for athletic performance

7 Tips to Build Your Gut Health and Enhance Athletic Performance

By Michael Dregni
A healthy gut can enhance athletic performance. Here are three nutritional strategies to boost gut health.
the sands of time

Longer Lives, But Healthier Ones?

By Michael Dregni
Americans are living longer than in decades past — but are they healthier?
how to deal with plantar fasciitis

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

By Michael Dregni
One in 10 people suffer from plantar fasciitis at some point in their lives. Learn about new treatments that could help alleviate your symptoms.
how to soothe athletic gut issues

Here’s How to Soothe Your Gut on Race Day

By Michael Dregni
Experiencing gut issues such as cramping, bloating, or diarrhea on race day can significantly hinder an athlete's performance. Here are some tips that can help.
the athletic microbiome

How Your Gut Microbiome Can Affect Your Athletic Performance

By Michael Dregni
Research is beginning to shed light on the relationship between the gut microbiome and improved athletic performance. Discover how these two seemingly unrelated factors are connected.
a person prepares to plant a tree

How to Plant a Tree

By Michael Dregni
Tree-planting advice from native-plant expert Lynn Steiner.
a couple holds hands while walking across a pedestrian bridge

Do Pedestrian- and Bike-Friendly Policies Boost a City’s Overall Health?

By Michael Dregni
Yes, according to a recent analysis from Blue Zones.
a person holds a seedling with a a root base of dirt

Make the World a Better Place: Plant a Tree!

By Michael Dregni
Trees clean the air, battle the climate crisis, and do so much more for the planet. Planting one is a simple way to take action.
an elderly man sits in a chair looking out the window

5 Surprising Factors to Reduce the Risk of Dementia

By Michael Dregni
Eating well, prioritizing sleep, and exercising help to protect against dementia, but there are other several other factors that play an important role as well. Learn more.
a man at a gym stands with a sweaty back

How to Read Your Sweat

By Michael Dregni
Could the new Gx Sweat Patch boost your fitness performance by monitoring your sweat?
a man uses a kettlebell while working out outside

How Exercise Strengthens Your Immune System

By Michael Dregni
Continued research supports that exercise does reduce your likelihood of becoming sick. Here are three new findings.
people sit on a bench looking at a variety of digital devises

What Is Your Digital Carbon Footprint?

By Michael Dregni
An exploration into the hidden eco-costs of our digital lifestyles — and what we can do about it.
a woman looks at her doctor with a rather dubious expression

What Is Medical Gaslighting?

By Michael Dregni
Medical gaslighting occurs when a healthcare provider dismisses a patient's symptoms as unimportant, psychosomatic, or as a manifestation of hypochondria.
a photo collage of a cow in a petri dish

What is Biocultivated Meat?

By Michael Dregni
Faux meat, alt-meat, clean meat, and in vitro meat are all terms being used to describe this lab-grown product. Proponents believe it could feed the world. Others are doubtful. Learn more.
a woman laughs while taking a group fitness class

8 Tips to Overcome Fear of Going to the Gym

By Michael Dregni
Anxiety about being judged can lead to a fear of exercising in public settings. Try these tips to increase your confidence — and then celebrate what you can do.
people riding a chair lift

How to Make Your Ski Vacation More Environmentally Friendly

By Michael Dregni
Downhill skiing and snowboarding are environmentally expensive sports. Can they become more sustainable?
a man smiles while working out

4 Ways to Bring More Joy to Your Workouts

By Michael Dregni
Kelly McGonigal, PhD, shares her tips to find more enjoyment when exercising.
yarn makes an outline of brain which is attached to a heart made of yarn

What Happens to Your Brain When You Fall in Love

By Michael Dregni
Stephanie Cacioppo, PhD, shares what happens to your brain when you fall head-over-heels for someone.
a man and golden retriever dive into a mountain lake

5 Adventures to Take With Your Dog

By Michael Dregni
Looking for adventurous inspiration? Your pup’s ready to show the way.
bowls of yogurt topped with spices and fruit

How to Buy and Use Yogurt

By Michael Dregni
Whether enjoyed as a quick snack or used as a building block for other recipes, this fermented milk product is an all-star in the kitchen.
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