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headshot of Jamie Martin, editor in chief of Experience Life magazine

This past June marked 18 years since I began my career in magazine publishing, and it’s fair to say I’ve seen a lot of change in the industry over the last two decades.

When I started at Experience Life in 2005, the magazine was just that — a print magazine. Sure, it had a website, but it was a simple, no-frills experience (basically, we copied and pasted articles from the print version to the site). There were no videos, no podcasts, no social-media channels, no interactivity. This was the case for most consumer publications at the time.

Digital and technological advancements brought about more robust website options, the proliferation of social media, and the rise of smart­phones. A sea change was afoot, and publishing teams had to get on board to stay relevant and engaged with readers.

While many print magazines didn’t survive this phase of digital transformation, Experience Life adapted. Our team was focused on maintaining the quality of the physical magazine while intentionally growing our digital presence.

Fast-forward to today: Experience Life is a multiplatform ­editorial ­experience. While the print publication continues to be central to what our team creates, we also have a robust website with thousands of articles, plus ­videos, podcast episodes, and digital-only programs. We have social-media channels, newsletters, and carefully curated partnerships. is the portal to these offerings and a destination for discovering insights about health and wellness, nutrition and exercise, ­sustainability, travel, and so much more.

It’s with digital growth in mind that Experience Life is evolving yet again, starting with this issue that you hold in your hands.”

It’s with digital growth in mind that Experience Life is evolving yet again, starting with this issue that you hold in your hands. We are officially moving to double-month issues, or six issues per year (beginning in 2024), and ramping up our digital offerings.

Like many magazines, we are embracing the opportunity to better meet you, our readers, on the digital platforms and devices you use, while continuing to provide the well-balanced, in-depth print magazine that you have come to trust and look forward to. This shift also reflects our commitment to sustainability: By reducing our print output, we cut back on our use of paper, ink, and shipping resources.

It opens the door for a greater variety of content, too, including audio articles, more-interactive training programs, and additional educational offerings. We’re also creating more in-depth coverage on niche topics. For instance, in October, we’re releasing a digital-only content collection — our first — focused on sexual health, an often-avoided topic that has a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. (Sign up here to receive an email reminder when it’s available on Oct. 1.)

Until then, this “What’s Next?” edition has plenty of healthy-living info for you to delve into, including five fitness trends to watch; our first-ever training guide for teens; the essentials about some key minerals; and an eye-opening interview with Shark Tank shark investor Daymond John. Enjoy!

Jamie Martin, Experience Life
Jamie Martin

Jamie Martin is Experience Life’s editor in chief, Life Time’s vice president of content strategy, and cohost of the Life Time Talks podcast. Follow her on Instagram @jamiemartinel.

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