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A grandparent and child swimming in the pool together.

For many grandparents, every moment spent with their grandchildren is cherished. But let’s be honest: Sometimes it can be challenging to think of ways to keep the kiddos entertained or to solve for their seemingly endless amounts of energy.

Enter Life Time — it’s a place both to spend quality time together and to engage in healthy, active fun. And even if your grandkids’ parents aren’t Life Time members, you now have the option to add your grandchildren to your membership (additional membership fee applies).

“This is a new perk that was added to complement our ARORA programming for active, older adults,” says Shelly Forsberg, director of programming for Life Time Kids. “We want Life Time to be a place where grandparents and grandchildren can be active and find commonalities to enjoy together, such as pickleball or swimming. It’s a great way for the entire family to connect and spend quality time, whether it’s the kids, parents, or grandparents — or all three generations at once.”

We asked our Life Time Kids and ARORA experts to team up to create a list of the top activities they’d suggest for grandparents and grandchildren. Here are a few of the ideas they came up with:

  1. Pickleball. “This is an easy-to-learn activity that’s enjoyed by all ages, making it a perfect sport for grandparents and grandkids to play together,” says Annie Kragness, ARORA program director at Life Time.
  2. Tennis. This racquet sport also offers a great way to connect and spend time together. Practice your court skills with one another or engage in a game of singles or doubles.
  3. Swimming. Relax poolside — indoor or outdoor (when weather permits) — or get in the water to splash around, play pool games, or help your grandkid with their swimming skills. “Swimming is a low-impact exercise that’s ideal for adults with joints issues, while children always love to have fun in the water,” says Jen Rezac, director of swim programming at Life Time. “Water walking while your grandchild swims around you is a win-win!”
  4. Rock climbing. Challenge your grandkid — and yourself! — to explore new heights during open climb on our indoor rock wall. (Rock wall availability varies by club location, so check schedules.)
  5. Basketball. Rebound, pass, or shoot hoops with the youngsters. Whether you want to jump in and play one-on-one or two-on-two or keep it a little less intense with a game such as HORSE, open gym time is available for all families.
  6. LifeCafe. Meal and snack times are important for growing bodies — and so is helping to instill healthy food habits in kids. Swing by the LifeCafe to enjoy a nourishing bite.
  7. LifeSpa. Step right up for haircuts, manicures, or pedicures! The LifeSpa is a great escape for pampering day dates. “Sending kids home with a nice haircut is a great way to help mom and dad out,” says Forsberg. “Plus it’s a fun experience for kids and adults to feel pampered.”
  8. Events. Family Fitness Events are offered throughout the year as an opportunity for families to work out together. Each 45-minute occurrence features a different focus, often centered around some of our favorite Life Time offerings, such as Alpha strength training, GameFace athletic training, or our studio class formats. “Sometimes we even have dance classes like family Zumba, and it’s so fun for adults and kids of all ages move to the music together,” says Kragness. There are other great events on schedules to enjoy with grandkids as well, such as Poolapalooza in the summer and Dazzle Dance in the winter.

And if your goal is to also fit in a personal favorite activity — perhaps an ARORA Aqua or Pilates class —  drop the grandkids in the Kids Academy! They can have some healthy, supervised fun with other kids their age for up to 2.5 hours every day (may vary by location).

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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