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This past year, we’ve built blanket forts, explored every inch of the neighborhood, scoured lists of kid-friendly activities, and gone through more coloring books than we can count. We’ve even repurposed our toilet paper rolls for crafts. The pandemic-related parent burnout is real.

When you feel like you’ve exhausted your home resources (but likely not your kids), try these 15 ideas from Life Time Kids for a mix of at-home and in-club worry-free playtime together — or to keep the kids busy while you enjoy some alone time.

(Many of these ideas are included in your Life Time Junior Membership at no additional cost to you if you’re a member. Take a look and find something new to try this weekend.)

Family Time

1. A source of inspiration. Superhero parties, building block challenges, painting crafts, science experiments, and more are all available for you to recreate at home. Check out everything for kids and families on Experience Life, Life Time’s collection of articles, activities, and healthy-living information.

2. Family workouts on demand. For active fun time together, try one of our on-demand videos. We offer a range of family-friendly, easy-to-follow classes you can do with kids of all ages and ability levels, including barre, yoga, a HIIT class, and more. Browse workouts on

3. Tennis. Hitting a ball back and forth at a local tennis court or at Life Time is a great socially distanced way to be active together. Younger children can practice coordination and gain confidence in the activity, while older children can refine and advance their game.

As you play together, it may even become a new fitness passion for your child. For help advancing your child’s tennis skills, the SMARTSM Junior Tennis program at Life Time has built-in development milestones for ages 3 through college, allowing the sport to grow along with your child.

4. Fitness and strength. While the weather permits, the whole family can work off indoor energy outside with a creative eight-station circuit workout. Heading to the club? Incorporate some of those same stations together. Kids ages 12 and up are permitted on the fitness floor with a parent for cardio and strength-training activities.

Whether you’re working out together indoors or out, you can teach your child to set new personal records in running, biking, or weight lifting while modeling healthy behaviors. You’ll not only create memories together, but also instill a lifelong love for fitness.

5. Open gym. Bounce a ball around, shoot some hoops on the court, or run around burning off energy together in our spacious basketball courts. Look for open gym times on your club schedule. You can enjoy complimentary use of equipment in the space, which is regularly disinfected for your family’s safety.

6. Family swim. Let your little fish splash around, have a cannonball contest, or play water games together in the pool. Both family and open swim times are available on the indoor pool schedule. Keep in mind, children who cannot swim 25 meters continuously without assistance must have an adult within 10 feet at all times, and parents must be in the water with their children at all times during open swim sessions.

7. Meals together. Research shows that cooking and eating together as a family can have emotional, psychological, and nutritional benefits that last a lifetime. But we understand that sometimes it’s hard to align schedules and make sitting down for a meal happen. At home, you can try these four tips for better family meals, let kiddos assist with grocery shopping or mealtime to encourage healthy eating, or even bake up some fun together.

Just for Kids

8. Kids events. Our monthly kids events are all about learning, moving, and having fun. With dodgeball tournaments, arts and crafts, S.T.E.A.M. lessons, and more, these events keep kids engaged and encourage interacting with friends new and old. Take a look at all our events and find one coming up that your child would love to try. Reservations are required.

9. Kids classes. If your kids are missing playtime with friends or want to pursue new passions in dance, gymnastics, warrior skills, and more, we have high-energy programming they will love. Drop-in sessions and 10-week progressive learning classes are included in your Junior Membership and are conducted in small groups. Check your club schedule for upcoming kids classes available to you. A reservation may be required.

10. School Break and Distance Learning Camps. Anytime that school is out, camp is in session at Life Time. From teacher in-service days to week-long holiday breaks, we keep kids entertained with healthy activities. Take a look at upcoming camps at your club. Camps are a paid offering and advanced registration is required.

11. Swim lessons. Learning to swim is a powerful skill that teaches children self-confidence, encourages fitness, and provides lifelong knowledge of water safety. Consider starting small group swim lessons at your club. We also offer private and semi-private lessons with up to three swimmers, swim clinics, and our competitive USA Swimming teams. You can even try these at-home swim exercises for kids of all ability levels at home.

12. Sports clinics. Whether your child has already shown a passion for a specific sport or is looking to learn a new one, our professional coaches, leagues, lessons, and skills clinics are among the best in the country. From soccer and basketball to racquet sports and martial arts, introduce your child to a sport they can play for years.

View sports and fitness information at your club.

Kid-Free Time

13. Parents Night Out and events. Enjoy a night on the town or a kid-free break to shop and run errands. We have monthly Parents Night Out events and drop-off events that keep kids and tweens ages 3 to 12 happy and entertained while you’re free to leave the club.

One Parents Night Out event per month is included in your Junior Membership, and advanced registration is required due to capacity limits to provide space for social distancing.

Learn more and view the upcoming events at your club.

14. Drop-off care. While the kids are swimming, playing at an event, or learning new skills in a class or camp, you can enjoy some healthy me-time to work out or relax. Your Junior Membership includes drop-off child care for up to 2.5 hours* daily for kids ages 3 months through 11 years. You can focus on your health goals or relax during a LifeSpa appointment for a massage, hair, skin, or nail service while trusting the kids are staying active and having fun in a safe, enriching environment.

Infant reservations are required with 24 hours of advanced notice.

*Hours and offerings vary by age and club location.

15. Virtual training. A moment of free time in even the busiest schedule can now be a chance to work out with a personal trainer. Our virtual training offerings include options ranging from app- and goal-based programs to one-on-one video sessions. Developed by top Life Time trainers and backed by science, it equips you with the tools you need to achieve your health goals no matter where you are on your fitness journey — or where you are located physically. And because it’s accessible anywhere, you can do it in the club, at home, or a mix of both.

Lindsey Frey Palmquist
Lindsey Frey Palmquist

Lindsey Frey Palmquist is a senior copywriter at Life Time.

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