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A compilation of Father's Day gift ideas: LifeCafe gift card, jogger outfit, and Garmin watches.

We know that the role of dad can include playing a lot of different parts: Whether it’s working full-time, coaching youngsters in sports, staying on top of at-home duties, or any of the many other to-dos, dads take on a lot.

One of perhaps the most important things a father can do for us, however, is be a healthy role model. This Father’s Day, let him know you’re watching and that he’s setting a positive example by providing him with a gift or experience that supports his healthy way of life.

Healthy Additions for a Healthy Life

1. A nourishing meal or post-workout fuel. Treat dad to his favorite dish or a protein shake to recover after a tough sweat session. Buy a $100 LifeCafe gift card and receive a $20 bonus now through June 20.

2. Wearable technology. Help dad train more effectively — and up his style game — with the gift of a Garmin watch. We love the Fenix and Forerunner models: Both include a wrist-based heart monitor, sports apps, and other smart technology, with the Fenix offering added features for golfers and the Forerunner ones for runners and triathletes.

3. Made-to-move apparel. Send dad to his workouts in comfort and style. Made from soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, there’s sure to be a style he’ll enjoy to add to his athleisure collection.

4. Supportive supplements. Stock dad up with protein powder to help him meet his daily protein needs and support his fitness goals. To fill in additional nutrition gaps, he may also appreciate the Men’s Daily Multivitamin, while the Strength Stack bundle of Pre-Workout and Amino Recovery is great for those looking to better fuel themselves pre- and post-workout.

5. Training time. Whether one-on-one, in a group, or virtually from home, find the perfect training option for dad to gain additional guidance, support, and accountability as he pursues his fitness endeavors.

The Perfect Day Together — at Life Time or at Home 

6. Do dad’s favorite workout. Attend a studio class that’s right up dad’s alley: Build athletic power with Kettlebell Kombine, perfect weight-training form with Barbell Strength, or push your pace by jumping on the saddle for EDG cycle. If dad’s more of a fitness floor kind of guy, go through this resistance machine workout, or challenge each other to do this HIIT Bike Workout. If you’ve got young kiddos, everyone in the family can join in on this Family Fitness Circuit.

7. Take over the grill. Show dad your grill skills by throwing on some steak skewers with harissa or cooking up one of these Better Burgers. (Find more ideas for mealtime with this Father’s Day Cookout Menu or these picnic recipes.)

8. Recover, relax, and refuel. Amidst all the go, go, go, allowing time and space for dad to let his body recover is important. Schedule a massage to treat what he needs most: XEN to reduce stress, RSQ to rescue tight muscles, or FLX massage to assist in muscle repair. The steam room and sauna are also great areas to use for relaxation that offer added health benefits.

9. Kick it poolside. Take advantage of the warm weather and spend the day lounging by the pool. Order food and drinks from the LifeCafe Bistro and enjoy the sun from the comfort of your chair. Take a dip when you need to cool off, or hop in to perfect your swimming technique or for some cross-training if you’re feeling ambitious.

10. Book time on the court. Engage in a friendly game of basketball during open gym hours, or reserve a tennis court for a competitive and challenging workout. You could also try a new-to-you sport with dad, such as racquetball or pickleball.

Life Time Editorial Team

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