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Life Time Work open seating workspace.

Living a healthy way of life means considering and addressing all the aspects that influence your health and well-being: the ways you move your body, the food you use to fuel it, your responses to stress, the community you surround yourself with, and the environments you spend time in.

This is why Life Time has expanded its offerings to support individuals in even more of these areas with the additions of Life Time Living residences, Life Time Work coworking spaces, and new programs and features at Life Time Athletic Country Clubs.

Together, these integrated spaces empower members to prioritize the various factors of their health throughout their days — and in ways that are convenient. “There are varying facets of health, and it’s important to understand that our health is a spectrum,” says Brian Gaeta, the Pacific Coast senior area director for Life Time. “It’s about more than the physical and nutritional components, but also stress management, recovery, and mental and social wellness.”

Life Time strives to serve members in all the core areas of a healthy way of life. “When you think of our village concept — which includes a Life Time Athletic Country Club, Life Time Living, and Life Time Work — it’s designed to be a one-stop destination, which makes well-being across those areas more accessible,” says Gaeta.

A focus on all-encompassing wellness is central to Life Time’s vision of helping more people live healthy lives. “Health is also about your mental and social wellness — your entire well-being,” says Eric Padget, senior director of real estate at Life Time. “The intent for Life Time Living, Life Time Work, and Life Time Athletic Country Clubs is for it to be an interconnected model that touches your full lifestyle, allowing you to immerse yourself in a healthy way of life. And having it all at your fingertips can enhance and accelerate your wellness journey.”

In all of Life Time’s spaces, there are healthy-way-of-life communities that foster connections with like-minded people. Other common threads are the premium spaces, healthy-living amenities, and next-level support that each offers. Discover them here.

A community lounge space inside of Life Time Living.

Life Time Living

Life Time Living offers luxury apartment homes designed with your health in mind. “These homes are filled with natural light, fresh air, pure drinking water, and spaces for residents who want to take advantage of healthy amenities,” says Mary Zedella, resident concierge leader at Life Time Living.

By integrating ways to live, work, dine, relax, play, and socialize in one village, these Life Time communities optimize their time and energy. “Imagine the time you could save — and how much easier it’d be — if everything you needed to live a healthy way of life was located within a few steps of your front door,” poses Zedella. “Your day is simplified so you can spend more time with those you love and doing the things you love.”

  • Premium spaces: High-end finishes, elegant comfort, and thoughtful touches abound, including the usage of natural stone, gourmet kitchens, floor-to-ceiling windows, black-out shades, and soundproofing.
  • Healthy-living amenities: LifeCafe meals delivered to your door, a pantry stocked by a registered dietitian, and access to on-demand and livestreamed classes from the comfort of home.
  • Next-level support: Dedicated Resident Concierges make life easier, connecting you with fitness professionals and services, assisting with LifeSpa and fitness class reservations, offering wake-up calls for Dynamic Personal Training sessions, and more.

Life Time Living locations are adjacent to a Life Time Athletic Country Clubs; rent includes a Signature Membership.

Life Time Work open seating workspace.

Life Time Work

Life Time Work is the only place that combines workspaces with a health-club experience. “Given Life Time’s DNA in the health-club world, we bring a lot of that into the workplace,” says James O’Reilly, president of Life Time Work. “It results in our members feeling more productive, engaged, and fulfilled while they’re at work.”

They also appreciate the flexibility and convenience that support work-life balance. “Whether they’re an entrepreneur or they work for a small or large business, we accommodate all types of workers,” explains Ashley Sikora, area director for Life Time in New Jersey. “And as a member, they have the opportunity to meet and network with others in a range of industries.”

  • Premium spaces: A variety of working areas, including private and open-plan spaces, conference rooms, soundproof phone booths, and outdoor terraces. The flow of different workspaces allows for flexibility and helps combat the sedentary lifestyle that many workers face.
  • Healthy-living amenities: Ergonomic furnishings and sit-stand desks, healthy snacks, filtered water, and plant life and greenery.
  • Next-level support: Responsive tech support and networking opportunities such as roundtables, member-only workouts, and happy hours.

Life Time Work members have access to the nearest Life Time Athletic Country Club, often located within a short walk or drive.

“We co-locate these great experiences — Life Time Work and Life Time Athletic Country Clubs — and it removes friction, which dramatically improves the likelihood of the behavioral change that we’re looking to achieve, whether that’s related to work or play,” says O’Reilly. “The ease of transition between one experience to the other — such as taking a meeting or working on a project to joining a yoga class or working with a Dynamic Personal Trainer, for example — is more productive.”

Life Time Athletic Country Club rooftop pool and Beach Club.

Life Time Athletic Country Clubs

With more than 160 athletic country clubs across the United States and Canada, Life Time has something for everyone. “We believe you can do it all at Life Time,” says Kesha Sproles, vice president of club operations at Life Time. “There is an array of programming and activities for all ages, fitness levels, and interests.

“There are spaces and offerings for everyone from 90 days to 90 years,” she continues. “We have an entire Kids Academy of offerings for junior members, as well as  ARORA programming for our members who want to stay active and fit as they age. And everyone can enjoy our amenities including indoor and outdoor pools, pickleball courts, state-of-the-art fitness-training equipment and machines, LifeCafe eats, LifeSpa services, and more.”

  • Premium spaces: Clubs with plenty of thoughtfully designed spaces, including areas for fitness, recovery, and self-care, family fun, healthy eating, and more.
  • Healthy-living amenities: Expansive workout floors and studio rooms; healthy-aging classes and social activities; pickleball, tennis, and basketball courts; child centers and kids programming; leisure and lap pools; and steam rooms, saunas, and whirlpools.
  • Next-level support: Dynamic Personal Trainers, small-group coaches, studio performers, kids’ instructors, membership concierge — team members are partners on your healthy-living journey.

“At Life Time, you’re part of a community of individuals who prioritize their health,” says Sproles. “That can go a long way toward helping you achieve your own healthy-living goals.”

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Cardio equipment on the workout floor at a Life Time club.

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