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It’s a muggy day for a bicycle commute, even one that lasts only 15 minutes, and this morning it’s made more challenging by the soreness in my left shoulder. I must have strained a muscle there while lifting last night. In fact, my upper body is pretty sore all over, which I didn’t expect after what I thought was a relatively brisk and effective 60-minute workout.

I’ve been trying to strengthen those shoulder muscles ever since I started this new regimen. The right one was especially problematic three or four years ago, when I think I messed up my rotator cuff somehow. I was at my in-laws house and one of my nephews invited me outside to throw the football around. But when I tried to launch a pass, I had no strength in my shoulder at all. The more I tried, the worse it got.

Since then, I’ve been to a massage therapist, who worked me over pretty good once a week for two or three months. I think that helped, but mostly I just rested the shoulder and allowed it to heal. I haven’t had any trouble with either of them until this morning, and I’m pretty sure I just strained the muscle a little.

Anyway, I did the interval thing again last night — six 30-second bursts of speed followed by a minute of rest — during my 20 minutes on the bike. It feels pretty good (until that sixth interval) and it will give me something to measure my progress against down the road. Maybe I can do seven next time? No one cares if I sweat at the gym.

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