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$300 loan.

Partly due to travel and partly due to my recent sporadic workout routine, I’ve been crafting creative programs for myself so I can’t make excuses. No gym? There are plenty of body-weight exercises that I can do. No time? Just do 10 minutes — and if I feel like I have time after all, add another 10 minutes.

This weekend’s excuse was travel, which I’ve been using all summer when we head up to the cabin.

Overcoming Barriers

It’s a strange barrier since there are trails and plenty of stretches of space for outdoor workouts, and yet, well, the rocking chair on the porch seemed more enticing. But the trails and fields: Perfect for a combination of sprinting, pushups, bear crawls, crab walks, T-cone drills and more. (See the Under-the-Sun Workout for more ideas.) I even have a jump rope tucked in the trunk of my car.

So this weekend I refused to give myself a break (by now, I figured I’ve really started to master the skilled practice of relaxing). My goal: complete one workout or run. I’ve been wanting to try out a new running belt from Fitletic — but once again I neglected to pack it. (More on the belt later.) With no where to put my phone, ID, keys and water bottle, I felt ill-equipped for a longer run. Funny how these accessories can make or break my running mindset….

up north
Luckily, our cabin has an extremely long driveway, so I decided to sprint instead. And sprint with Chloe, our Lab, who outruns me every time.

Except this time. She had been swimming all morning, and, at 8 years old, seems to finally be acting her age. For this round of sprints, she ran by my side, and we both made it nearly to the end in one full, fast run — a huge improvement over previous year’s attempts, when I could sprint only a few feet before walking it off.

Once at the end, we turned around and ran back. Then did 15 pushups in the lawn. Repeat for two more times and I was wiped out. I was hoping to make it five rounds, but it was a good, quick workout that got my heart racing.

Besides, the rocking chair was calling.

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