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Hydration is critical to the smooth functioning of all the body’s cells and systems; it supports cognitive health, athletic performance, exercise recovery, and overall vitality.

Start your day with a tall glass of H2O. Sip throughout the day. Set a timer for reminders. Use a filter and infuse your water with fruit and herbs, like lemon and mint, for a tastier drink.

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photo composite of water, water bottles and people drinking water

Everything You Need to Know About Hydration

Hydration is so good for our health that it’s become a hot wellness trend. We weigh in on the hype and answer common questions about what to drink and when.
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Three glass bottles of water infused with fruit and herbs.

3 Ways to Get Hydrated — That Aren’t Plain Water

Try one of these three creative ways to boost your body’s hydration levels.
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a sports bottle poolside

How to Make Your Own Sports Drink

Avoid unhealthy additives by making your own sports drink. Add some trace-mineral drops for an extra boost.
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a man stands leaning over looking over a town below him

What Happens to Your Body When It’s Dehydrated

Slowed cell metabolism and kidney stones are just some of the potential effects of underhydration.
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a woman lies in bed while clutching a glass of water

6 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated

Take water breaks, skip the ice, cook with high-quality sea salt — plus, three more tips to help you stay hydrated.
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a man drinks a cup of water while in a pool

How Hydration Affects Spine Health

It's important to hydrate well — and nourish yourself with key nutrients — to keep your spine healthy. Here's why.
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