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A mom with her child smiling on the couch.

Moms have always taken on a lot, and Mother’s Day is a time to let them know how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate all they do. Take inspiration from these ideas to express your love and gratitude, whether you’re celebrating together or from afar.

Healthy Additions for a Healthy Life

1. Much-deserved pampering. Give mom some me-time: a stress-relieving massage, rejuvenating facial, or salon service to freshen up homebound cuts and colors. A LifeSpa gift card let’s her choose for a day of self-care.

2. Self-care kit. For those who prefer to pamper themselves at home, the Patchology Flashmasque Perfect Weekend Trio includes three different face sheet masks to soothe, hydrate, and illuminate — perfect for a self-treatment night.

3. One-on-one fitness guidance. Support mom for the strong and healthy person she is. Gifting sessions with a Dynamic Personal Trainer pairs her with a coach who can guide and elevate her efforts.

4. Healthy information and inspiration. From the first page to the last, Experience Life —Life Time’s whole-life health and wellness magazine — is full of nutritious recipes, effective workouts, and practical advice for healthy living. No gimmicks, no hype and you can gift a one-year subscription.

5. Summer sips. Get a reusable Tea Tumbler that mom can use to fill up on unlimited tea from the LifeCafe all summer long. The stainless-steel, sweat-resistant design will keep the drink cool for hours, whether she enjoys black, green, or wild berry hibiscus teas on-the-go or by the pool.

6. Workout wear. Gear mom up for her workouts with apparel that’s made to move. With on-trend options made from soft, lightweight, and quick-drying fabrics, there’s sure to be a style she’ll love.

Memorable Experiences

7. Family workouts. Have fun and get moving together. Reserve your spot to attend a studio class as a family (for kids 12 and up). Or if you want to move from home, choose from a range of easy-to-follow, on-demand family workout classes for kids of all ages.

8. Breakfast in bed.Treat mom to brunch at home — and in pajamas! Play chef for the morning and whip up this healthy spread that includes chia seed pudding with toasted oat granola, a buckwheat galette with spring vegetables, and a grapefruit-honey mimosa.

9. Mom’s at-club day. Encourage mom to spend a few hours or a full day at Life Time doing everything she loves most: attending her favorite group fitness class, relaxing in the whirlpool, refueling with her go-to shake. Remember, you can always drop your kiddos off with us in the child center.

10. Relaxing soak or spa night. Let mom unwind and have some time to herself. Run her a hot bath, set up a space for self-treatments and time to catch up on some reading or a podcast, or just enjoy some quiet.

11. Take on the chores. Housework has seldom been more challenging. Surprise mom when she wakes up with a clean house, dish-less sink, or pile of freshly folded laundry (bonus points for putting the laundry away!).

12. Dinner party or game night. Share smiles, play games, and celebrate mom during a family gathering. Bonus points for using Zoom, FaceTime, or another video app to connect with family members who live far away.

Personal Hand-Made Gifts

13. Special delivery. Made with love, delicious and healthy, make mom some of our favorite better-for-you treats: raspberry-lemon muffinsmini faux cheesecakescookie dough barsbrownie bites, or a gluten-free sourdough starter.

14. Video montage. Seeing the faces of her loved ones can really make mom smile. Compile memories you’ve filmed, or collect short videos from your siblings, relatives, or friends and put together a video filled with favorite moments or messages of thanks to and love for mom.

Life Time Editorial Team

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