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No intervals on Tuesday’s stationary bike ride (you really have to be in a certain mood), but I did a little over 5 miles in about 20 minutes — average heart rate of 110 — so I wasn’t slacking. And I upped the poundage slightly over on the resistance machinery during my 25-minute lifting session. We’ll see if I can maintain the momentum tonight.

My real conundrum these days is figuring out how to shift from my fairly random cardio/strength training  routines into something a bit more strategic. It’s not that I’m bored or anything; I always feel better after my workout than before. It’s just that I think it would be interesting to move on to something a bit less “creative.” Maybe work on specific muscle groups. Maybe focus a bit more on increasing my flexibility.

So, I’m thinking that tonight I’ll do a brief (10 minutes?) cardio warm-up before moving on to the mats for some stretching (quads, hammies, lower back) and ab work (check out these painful-looking reverse crunches!). Then maybe 20 minutes on the machines (lower body?).

At least it’s a plan. I’ll report back if I’m not in the hospital.

Thoughts to share?

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