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It’s been about a week now since I made it downstairs to the gym (lots of evening work recently), so I can’t say I’ve been very diligent on the exercise front. I have been bicycling into the office every day, a practice that has been made more challenging by winds that have threatened to sweep me and my Schwinn off the bridge and into the watery depths below. I’ve also been neglecting my morning Oz push-up/plank routine, which I guess means I’ve hit another plateau.

I have continued to log my food choices into FitDay, though, which has contributed to a gradual erosion of poundage from my chassis; at my weigh-in last Thursday I tipped the scales at 159, the first time I’ve been under 160 in I don’t know how long. The whole food journal thing does have the effect of forcing me to eat more mindfully (most of the time).

A couple of overtures from My Lovely Wife to join her in a yoga class have come to naught. There’s something about yoga (perhaps my complete lack of flexibility?) that mutes its appeal, I’m afraid.

All in all, it seems I’m caught in a rut. Maybe my mild FitDay obsession is overtaking what’s left of my exercise obsession. You know: If you don’t want to exercise, just stop eating (don’t try this at home). Or maybe I just need to come up with a new regimen.

Let’s see: If I were to map out my ideal weekly workout, what would it be?

• Bicycling every day, for sure (how else am I going to get to work?).
• A little basketball once a week.
• Lifting three times a week.
• Long-distance fat-burning cardio twice a week (with my friend, the Elliptical Death Machine).

So, what if, beginning next week, I scheduled Mon.-Wed.-Fri. for strength-training (some in The Pit, some with the machines), Tues.-Thur. for a long stint (45 minutes?) on the EDM, and a Sunday afternoon on the basketball court? That would get me off the dime. Shake things up a bit.

Let’s take a look at the calendar, then: Hmm. Monday’s Memorial Day, Wednesday I’ll be out of town, Friday is kind of up in the air, schedule-wise. . . .

I’ll get back to you on this, OK?

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