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Performance Health Podcast

Performance Health’s mission is to provide Fitness Professionals with models, programs, exercises, and in-depth information to help improve coaching based upon principles and practices used for many years in elite athlete settings and applied in training programs for gen pop personal training clients.



  • “The Practical Guide to Strength Deficit”  Standard Price: $199
  • LT Price: $199 (includes free copy of the book “Strength Deficit”, which retails for $39.99
  • How to purchase:

The code for the discounted price is: lifetimespecial


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The Practical Guide to Strength Deficit guides coaches on how to implement the pH book, Strength Deficit, in a team or group setting. This course is the ultimate companion to our book and will provide you with models, programs, exercises, and in-depth training to help you improve your coaching. The course includes:

Section 1 – Models
– Models Based Thinking
– Short to Long/Long to Short

– High-Low

Section 2 Testing & KPI
– Dynamic Correspondence
– Baseline Testing
– Ongoing Testing
– Peaking – Manipulating the Deficit

Section 3 Physiology & Biomechanics
– Bioenergetics
– Contraction Types
– Sprinting Mechanics
– Change of Direction Mechanics

Section 4 Increasing the Deficit
– Macrocycle
– Mesocycle
– Microcycle

Section 5 Decreasing the Deficit
– Macrocycle
– Mesocycle
– Microcycle

Section 6 Practical Considerations
– Programming
– Exercises
– Practical Considerations


  • We also have a short video here. Become a Member of the course HERE.
  • Find information on our advanced pH Curriculum here. The pH Curriculum is worth 2.0 NSCA CEUs! 
  • You can also find free pH Podcast materials here to get a feel for our advanced, scaffolded education system; find the Blog and our dozens of Podcasts.


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