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Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

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Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®)
Two-day seminar is geared towards both manual therapists as well as strength and conditioning specialists.
FRC® is a training system that looks to improve body control, mobility, agility, and articular health and also
used for rehabilitation and injury prevention measures. Attendee’s must prewatch several online lectures
which explains the scientific rationale (we believe that an understanding of the scientific basis is a prerequisite for understanding how to properly execute our systems).
Cost: $ 999 USD

Functional Range Assessment (FRA®)
Two-day seminars but must complete FRC® certification first. FRA® is a measurement-based assessment
system that provides objective measures of an athlete’s movement capacity for each and every articulation.
Then training inputs (FRC®) can be directed at the individual’s specific deficits.
Cost: $ 1,200 USD

Two-day seminars, one must first complete the FRC® certification. Kinstretch® is a group-based training
system that looks to improve overall body awareness, control, mobility, and end-range strength (excellent for
team training or class scenarios).
Cost: $ 999 USD

FRS Internal Strength Model® (FRS ISM®)
During our two-day intensive practical, the FRS team will detail and demonstrate the complete FRS Internal
Strength Training Model®. This includes training in the application of the seven Internal Strength Input Cycles;
each intended to create tissue-specific adaptations. In addition, participants will learn how to simultaneously
program both internal inputs to cultivate capacity in biological tissues, along with traditional external displays
of functional, specific strength. Two day seminar, attendees must complete FRC® fi rst.
Cost: $ 1,200 USD

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