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an elderly man looks out a window

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Learn more about dementia and Alzheimer’s and how research is discovering the lifestyle factors that may be key to prevention.

Connections to Alzheimer’s

a person at the eye doctor

The Cognitive Benefits of Cataract Surgery

By Craig Cox

Untreated cataracts could contribute to dementia and depression, according to recent research.

Supporting Brain Health With Nutrition

Improving Memory

Supporting Brain Health With Exercise

a woman rests with a barbell on her shoulders

Can Exercise Build Brain “Muscle”?

By Michael Dregni

Yes, according to recent research — and it might also help reduce the neuroinflammation connected with Alzheimer’s.

a senior man with silver hair and a beard enjoys a walk alongside a river

Can Taking a Walk Help the Aging Brain?

By Craig Cox

Regular walks can help improve the brain’s white matter, according to a recent study.

Living With Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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