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a senior man holding a red weight

PUMPING IRONY: On Aging, Attitude, and Activity

By Craig Cox

Dreading the idea of growing old? A new study suggests such a view may keep you from engaging in the physical activity necessary to age gracefully.

dental equipment and a stethescope

PUMPING IRONY: Boundary Issues

By Craig Cox

Doctors and dentists are each in a position to identify symptoms the other could treat. Referrals, however, are exceedingly rare — leaving seniors especially vulnerable and public health experts routinely vexed.

a senior aged woman gets a shot

PUMPING IRONY: To Save Your Brain, Get Your Shots?

By Craig Cox

While a growing percentage of Americans express skepticism about flu vaccines and other recommended immunizations, recent research offers a fresh incentive to roll up your sleeve: Those shots may reduce your risk of developing dementia.

a stop watch with the word retirement

PUMPING IRONY: Retirement, Reconsidered

By Craig Cox

Seniors are increasingly choosing to delay retirement, a trend some experts believe must accelerate if we want to protect Social Security and Medicare for the next generation.

A blue-gloved hand is picking out a test tube.

PUMPING IRONY: Curiosity and Its Costs

By Craig Cox

Despite the lack of viable treatment options, Americans are flocking to genetic tests designed to reveal their chances of developing Alzheimer’s. The results can produce more reservations than reassurance.

an elderly man driving

PUMPING IRONY: Unsafe at Any Speed

By Craig Cox

Older drivers suffering from certain chronic illnesses can pose a threat to themselves and others on the road, but convincing them to surrender their car keys is no easy task. The Japanese government may have found a way to override their objections.


PUMPING IRONY: Beware of the Chair?

By Craig Cox

A new study suggests that seniors who spend too much time sitting around may be more prone to develop dementia — even if they exercise regularly.

a senior citizen receives eye care

PUMPING IRONY: Seeing Is Believing

By Craig Cox

Despite concerns about vision loss, seniors like me tend to ignore preventive screenings and treatments. Accessibility is an issue, experts say, but a lack of collaboration between physicians and ophthalmologists plays a role as well.


PUMPING IRONY: Still Clueless After All These Years

By Craig Cox

The scientific community continues to struggle to understand how to diagnose and treat long COVID, which can be especially hard on seniors. But some critics believe the answers are hidden in plain sight.

a $20 bill, Rx form and variety of pills

PUMPING IRONY: The Price Is Right?

By Craig Cox

While Medicare can now force major drugmakers to negotiate some prices, observers question whether it will result in much savings — or in better health outcomes — for U.S. seniors.

two lounge chairs sit overlooking a desert landscape

PUMPING IRONY: Roasted in Retirement?

By Craig Cox

Scorching summer temperatures — and the potential health hazards that come with them — increasingly await U.S. retirees settling in the Sun Belt.


PUMPING IRONY: Puzzling Priorities

By Craig Cox

Medicare is prepared to pay as much as $5 billion a year to cover a new Alzheimer’s drug while ignoring the in-home care needs of seniors with dementia who live alone.

a nightstand with a light on

PUMPING IRONY: Seniors, Sleeplessness, and Shortened Lives

By Craig Cox

Older adults are more likely than most to struggle with sleep issues, and recent research suggests tossing and turning could shorten our lifespans. The solution? Exercise.

image of cholestrol

PUMPING IRONY: Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad, and the Unpredictable

By Craig Cox

Cholesterol has long been known for its role in cardiovascular function, but new research suggests it may someday be put to work to hinder the development of Alzheimer’s.

a person looks at their patient portal on a smart phone

PUMPING IRONY: Is There a Care Coordinator in the House?

By Craig Cox

Our healthcare system increasingly requires patients to coordinate their own care, a burden that can delay needed procedures — and cost them dearly in time, energy, and money.

a tape measure wrapped around pills

PUMPING IRONY: Weighty Matters

By Craig Cox

The new weight-loss drugs promise transformational changes for their users, but are they right for seniors? Experts urge caution.

cholesterol pills

PUMPING IRONY: Puzzling Over Pills

By Craig Cox

Research on the risks and benefits of cholesterol-lowering statins offers little reassurance to septuagenarians like me whose numbers signal potential cardiovascular calamities. The solution? More tests.

A concrete wall with a relief of a skull with a puzzle for a brain

A Prescription for Frustration

By Craig Cox

With the FDA poised to approve the latest Alzheimer’s drug, a respected dementia expert suggests our healthcare system isn’t yet capable of employing it effectively.

blood pressure apparatus

PUMPING IRONY: A Sudden Change of Heart

By Craig Cox

A “hypertensive crisis” flings me into the gaping maw of the conventional healthcare system, where I learn to accept its many foibles — and (sheepishly) embrace its pharmaceutical remedies.

photo illustration of a person balanced on a rock surrounded by water and submerged clocks

PUMPING IRONY: Keep Calm and Carry On?

By Craig Cox

Too much stress can age your body prematurely — and even lead to dementia. But new research offers some hope. That is, unless it was your cognitive dysfunction that led to the stress in the first place.

cannabis leaves

PUMPING IRONY: Seniors: Beware the Perils of Pot

By Craig Cox

As more states legalize the recreational use of cannabis, new research suggests seniors should imbibe only with extreme caution.

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