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Your feet strike the ground 1,000 times a mile as you run. Each foot hits about once a second, with an impact of two to three times your body weight. That jarring force ripples through all of your muscles, bones, and ligaments.

With this in mind, it’s little wonder that every runner will suffer some sort of injury at some time.

This book offers a remedy. Created for novice yogis, it’s designed to aid you in springing back from injury.

Author Christine Felstead teaches yoga classes and workshops for runners and endurance athletes. She’s also a regular writer for Runner’s World, Yoga Journal, Women’s Running, and Women’s Health.

She includes here 88 yoga poses and 10 sequences to build flexibility, agility, and strength, and to lengthen hamstrings, increase mobility, and ease chronic aches and pains. Each pose is explained in detailed text and photos; anatomical drawings assist you in understanding your body better.

The big bonus is that while this book will help you overcome injuries, in the long run, yoga will also improve your running to maximize your performance. The benefits you gain from yoga, Felstead states, will boost your physical abilities, mental focus, and endurance, while even bringing your breathing in tune with each foot strike.

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