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herbs and supplements to help with brain fog

Occasional stress like brain fog can make it tempting to reach for over-the-counter drugs, but some mental health experts recommend trying nutritional supplements and remedies first. Here are some remedies that can help:

A quality diet and stable blood sugar are keys to maintaining a clear head. Notably, dark chocolate contributes to both, according to psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD. He contends that the flavanols it contains may help combat brain fog.

But when the fog persists, there are supplements that can help. Functional nutritionist Jesse Haas, CNS, LN, recommends these herbs:

  • Tulsi (a.k.a. holy basil) has been shown to improve mood and cognitive functioning, including memory.
  • Rhodiola can help enhance memory, learning, and cognitive performance.
  • Curcumin and Bacopa monnieri have been linked to improved memory and attention in the aging brain.

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This was excerpted from “8 Key Supplements to Boost Your Mental Health — Naturally” which was published in Experience Life magazine.

Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC, is a licensed professional clinical counselor in Minneapolis and an Experience Life contributing editor.

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