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McKinney exterior

With 30 locations in Texas, Life Time is no stranger in the state where everything’s bigger. But the footprint continues to grow even more with Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch, which opened fall of 2022. Located across the street from the PGA golf course TPC Craig Ranch and only a few miles from Life Time Plano and Life Time Allen, the team is excited about the placement of this new club in north Dallas.

“I’m thrilled about the community we’re joining,” says Jeff Mangan, general manager at Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch. “Many of our members can walk out the door of Life Time and be within walking or biking distance from much of what the area has to offer.”

Let’s explore the 100,000-square-foot property of Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch:

Life time McKinney ranch inside of building with view of pool

When a member walks in the door, they are immediately greeted by a member of the concierge team. “This team helps our members by assisting them with any and all of their questions and needs, such as awareness of the classes we offer and when they’re on the schedule, how to use the lockers properly, or what’s available for kids in the Kids Academy,” says Mangan. “At times, the concierge team may even recognize a need from a member before the member does. They really are the best of the best.”

After a member checks in at the front desk, their next stop is often the executive locker rooms. Here they’ll find a plethora of amenities, from complimentary daily lockers to showers and fresh towel services to personal-care products like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Members can also enjoy some me-time in the sauna, steam room, and whirlpool.

Relaxation continues in the LifeSpa where members can unwind with massage and skin-care services.

Life time McKinney workout floor

A membership at Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch includes complimentary access to signature group training classes in three different formats: GTX, Alpha, and Ultra Fit. Each of these formats offers progressive programming, a supportive community, and guidance from expert coaches.

On the expansive workout floor, you’ll find free weights, cardiovascular- and resistance-training machines, and designated stretching areas.

You can also take a wide range of group studio class offerings in one of the multiple studios. Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch features dedicated studios for yoga, cycle, Pilates, and barre, as well as two studios for all other formats, including Barbell Strength, Warrior Sculpt, and Gluteus Maxout.

On your recovery days, take advantage of the LT Recovery zone and its tools, such as hydromassage beds, Normatec compression therapy, and percussive-therapy devices. Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch also offers chiropractic services to further support your body’s ability to function at its best.

Life Time McKinney Outdoor Pool

The outdoor areas at this athletic country club are unique compared to other locations. Members are able to enjoy a full LifeCafe with indoor and outdoor seating, including an outdoor space with a firepit and surrounding TVs.

“Our outdoor pool is the only Olympic-size 50-meter pool in the area,” explains Mangan. “It’s also the only pool in the area that’ll be heated in the winter so members can utilize it all year-round.”

Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch has a Kids Academy that offers child care and kid-tailored programming along with fun events, such as Parents Night Out. “With our Life Time Allen and Life Time Plano clubs in close proximity, we’ve been discussing potentially combining some of our Kids Academy offerings with those sibling clubs to maximize every child’s experience,” previews Mangan.

Life Time McKinney Outdoor Pickleball Courts

This athletic country club features 12 outdoor pickleball courts. “Our courts have lights for maximum playing hours,” says Mangan.

Meet the Team

Jessica Myers, Studio Leader

Team member from McKinney Jessica smiling

How did you get started with Life Time?

I currently work as a membership concierge at Life Time Allen and have been there since November 2021. Prior to that, I was the group fitness director for Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa. When that business was sold and Life Time purchased the space it was occupying, I made the transition to Life Time Allen.

What brought you to Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch?

I will be the studio leader and am super excited about this new opportunity. With my history with the former space, the opportunity to grand open this location as a Life Time greatly excites me.

What’s your connection to Life Time’s healthy way of life mission?

The idea of living a healthy way of life is simple to me: To live a longer life, you have to lead a healthy life. And that doesn’t mean a life without splurges, but it is a life of moderation — including everything from drinking water to exercising, sleeping well, and prioritizing work-life balance. I try to practice this in my everyday life.

Fitness is truly my passion. I know people expect you to say that when you work in this industry, but it is the honest-to-goodness truth. Everything about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle truly lights me up. Outside of fitness, my family is my everything. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today!

Stephanie Marelle, Membership Concierge Leader

Team member from McKinney Stephanie smiling outside

How did you get started with Life Time?

I started my career with Life Time in August 2010 at our Sugarloaf location just outside of Atlanta. I’m from Dallas-Fort Worth, but I completed my undergrad in Georgia and graduate school in Kentucky before relocating back to Georgia after completing my master’s degree.

I relocated back to Dallas in 2012 and became the member services manager at our Dallas-Highland Park location, working there until 2018.

What brought you to Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch?

In July 2018, I started with Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa in a role that is similar to the membership concierge leader role at Life Time. When Life Time began moving into that space, I took the opportunity to be the kids’ leader at the Life Time Allen location until our McKinney at Craig Ranch location opens.

I’m excited to start working at Life Time McKinney as a membership concierge leader. I have built so many strong relationships in this community and I cannot wait to be back. 

What’s your connection to Life Time’s healthy way of life mission?

I’m a former collegiate athlete and coach — I actually just found out that I’m being inducted into my university’s hall of fame this October for volleyball! A healthy way of life has always been important to me and part of my lifestyle.

I lead by example in all things that I do. To be the best at my job in serving others, I need to be in a great position physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s all about having a healthy mind, body, and spirit!

I love the rush of running or that you get from doing any great workout. I enjoy working in this industry because it allows me to build meaningful relationships while helping people.

Taylor Lanni, Personal Training Leader

Team member from McKinney Taylor smiling

How did you get started with Life Time?

I was looking to move out of Kansas, and I have family who live in Texas who told me about Life Time. I applied at locations in multiple states, but Texas was the first to offer me a position for massage therapy. Within four months, I was moving to Texas!

I started working for Life Time in 2012 as a massage therapist at the LifeSpa in Allen. I also had my National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal-training certification at that time and a year later, I started working as a personal trainer in addition to my role at the LifeSpa before fully transitioning to personal training later in 2013.

What brought you to Life Time McKinney at Craig Ranch?

I left Life Time in 2017 and was away for 10 months being a stay-at-home mom. I then worked for Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa from October 2017 to November 2021. When Life Time began moving into that space, I then started back with Life Time and worked in presale for Life Time Frisco as a part of that grand opening team. At Life Time McKinney, I’ll be the personal-training leader.

What’s your connection to Life Time’s healthy way of life mission?

You have to be the best version of yourself so you can show up as that best version for everyone else. I am constantly challenging myself to be a better leader, a better mom, and a better me. That way I can give my all at everything that I do.

Within the last year, I’ve started getting into triathlons. I’ve fallen in love with the sport and the people in it. Surrounding yourself with a solid community is part of living healthy. I enjoy being in nature and constantly moving. I want to lead and live by example for my son and everyone around me.

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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