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I rode my bicycle to work this morning, even though I chose to wear the inexplicable sneaker-khakis combo (see “If the Shoe Fits” below) previously designed for walking. So, that means I’m destined for the dreaded treadmill tonight at the gym. Walking builds bone density, after all, and if I don’t hoof it to work, I try to do it on the moving rubber mat.

Except on Wednesday, when I bicycled to work and  then was mysteriously attracted to the stationary bike downstairs, where I did a sort of interval thing (pedaling at about 80 RPMs for a couple of minutes and then cranking it up to about 110 RPMs for a minute or so), which pumped my heart rate up into the high 130s.

This pretty much knocked me out after about 20 minutes, but it made me think about something I read recently (and you’ll see in the magazine in September) about how adults need to really work their bodies to their maximum RPMs every day for at least a minute or so.

It’s good for our vitality (if we don’t keel over from a heart attack in the process).

It does feel pretty good, I have to admit: lungs burning, lactic acid conquering the muscles in your legs, heart thumping through the wall of your chest, etc.

Not the same as pedaling through the park.

Anyway, tonight it’s the treadmill, more ab work (really — I just love that stuff!), some lifting, and a leisurely ride home on my Schwinn.

Thoughts to share?

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