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From my journal entry last night:

  • Hooray for pomegranate seeds at the salad bar!
  • Thankful for newish tires on my car. While several cars were spinning on the icy roads, my Subaru trekked on, slipping only in the ruts of frozen snow on the streets. This lead me to conclude that, frugal as I may be, a reliable car with good tires is crucial, especially in this state. Also on that list: supportive shoes and a good mattress, the latter so important for solid, rejuvenating sleep as outlined in this month’s article by Frank Lipman, MD. (And essential to a successful weight-loss plan!)
  • Delighted to come home after a workout to a home-cooked meal made by Kyle. He even double-checked his ingredients to make sure it was gluten-free and dairy-free so I could eat it, too. I know my new way of eating has often thrown him through a loop (“Wait, you can’t eat what?! What’s gluten?”), but he’s willing and wanting to understand. Kyle loves to grill, so the winter can sometimes pose a challenge in the kitchen, but he makes a mean chili in the Crock-Pot and has been experimenting with more one-pot meals.

How was your Tuesday? Any joy to share?

Thoughts to share?

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