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On vacation recently, I had this conversation:

Fellow vacationer: So what do you do?

Me: I’m a health journalist.

Fellow vacationer: Really? That’s cool! So let me ask you a question: do you do juicing?

Me: Sometimes. But more often I make smoothies.

Fellow vacationer: Oh! Cool. [Pause.] OK, wait, sorry to be ignorant, but what’s the difference?

Me: You have to use a special juicer to make fresh juice, and the juicing process removes all the pulp from the fruits and vegetables so it’s easier for your body to absorb all the amazing phytonutrients that are left behind. When you make smoothies, where everything is mixed in a blender, all the pulp remains behind.

Fellow vacationer: So if juicing helps you absorb nutrients better, why do you prefer smoothies?

Me: I like to err on the side of fiber.

Fellow vacationer: Aha! Fiber! Wait. What? Fiber? Like, Metamucil?

Me: Well, sort of …. Oh, gosh, how to explain fiber on the fly? You know what? We did this great article on the subject a few years ago. It will explain it way better than I can. I’ll send you the link.

Fellow vacationer: Cool! Did you eat at that fish taco place? It’s amazing! And today we’re going to go to Mayan ruins, and …

[The End]

Green drinks, both juices and smoothies, are a topic close to my heart (as you know if you’ve seen or tried some of my experimental recipes). And they’re a great topic to revisit for spring.

For anyone interested in getting started with green juices or smoothies, here’s a link to that article I mentioned to my fellow vacationer. It’s full of information and delicious recipes.

If you want to dive even deeper into the world of green drinks, check out Kris Carr’s website. She’s a great champion of the green drink and has lots and lots of amazing recipes. (And she’s a former Experience Life cover!)

Happy green drinking!

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