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Homemade cinnamon roll

In “Guilty Pleasures,” foodie Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl reminds us that when it comes to food — involving traditions, family, and friends — we should think about the pain scale (1-10). In doing so, we ask ourselves before we eat that 11th Christmas cookie: Is it worth it?

She writes:

You might give that cheesy pizza with your brother a six or seven, both because the ingredients (while heavy on gluten and dairy, and laden with refined carbs) are mostly fresh — and the dining experience so much fun.

Sugar cookies at the in-laws might rate a four. As for my grandma’s Jell-O cake? That gets a nine or 10, no matter the day.

Moskowitz Grumdahl suggests allowing certain indulgences and then eating healthy the remainder of the day, which will not only help us to enjoy food traditions, but stay healthier during the holidays.

Keeping her logic in mind, I decided to make homemade cinnamon rolls for the first time on Christmas morning. I knew my family would enjoy them, and that they would be paired with healthier options like my dad’s omelets. I was also looking for a new kitchen challenge.

I enjoyed the process, and they turned out well. There was something wonderful about a warm, gooey, cinnamon roll on a cold, Midwest Christmas morning. I’d rank this on the pain scale of “7.”

TELL US: What were your favorite indulgences this holiday season? Leave a comment below or tweet us @ExperienceLife.

Casie Leigh Lukes is Experience Life‘s digital content specialist.

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