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Man down.

Well, it was actually just me suffering another injury this summer. Every year I seem to get an injury that sidelines me from my pursuits. This time it was badly tearing my hamstring while waterskiing, a sport I hadn’t done in about 35 years. Getting up on skis wasn’t hard, but I kept falling each time I got outside the wake. Then, on the final fall, it felt like my leg went one way while my body went another.

The tear swelled up into a ball, which I iced for a few days. Then, the telltale bruising appeared, and the black-and-blue mass spread from my butt to below my knee.

I value my muscles and depend on them like good friends. They’ve carried me through trail runs and bike rides and across alpine ski runs and Nordic marathons. So, following this injury, I felt disappointed and angry at myself for getting hurt: I shouldn’t have waterskied, I thought, and now I’m out of commission for the summer. No golfing, riding, running, roller skiing, tennis. Summer is not a good time to be laid up.

I am always grateful for my good fortune of being healthy and fit enough to enjoy the amazing things I do with my body. But there’s nothing like not being able to do them to make me appreciate them even more.

Now, after some good physical therapy, the summer has passed and I’ve resumed bike riding, a little running, and roller skiing, and my mood has improved too.

Dealing with an injury requires all sorts of adjustments: managing your disappointments and expectations, finding hope while you rehab, being patient while looking to the future.

It’s nice to be up and moving again.

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