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Many people think detoxing is all about the food — eliminating the not-so-good-for-you stuff or thoughtfully planning your meals and snacks. But in reality, there’s more to it, especially if you’re looking for success during Life Time’s 14-day D.TOX program.

“Having your meals and snacks planned out is one of biggest parts of getting ready for a successful D.TOX program, but you’ll also want to have a plan for movement and rest,” says Anika Christ, RD, CPT, senior director of weight loss and nutrition for Life Time and the lead coach for the D.TOX program. “During the first few days, your body might feel a little thrown off, so setting an intention for exercise is crucial.”

What Is Life Time’s D.TOX Program?

Life Time’s D.TOX is a 14-day, whole-foods-based nutritional reset and program designed to help you improve your eating habits, identify food sensitivities, and support weight-loss efforts while experiencing other potential benefits — think increased energy, clearer skin, and improved sleep. (The program is complimentary for Life Time members.)

“Our D.TOX program doesn’t teach deprivation — it’s not a diet,” says Christ. “We help people identify and cook their own real food so they can feel confident working healthy recipes into their regular rotation and lay the foundation for healthy living.”

You can also purchase the D.TOX kit, which includes the necessary ingredients to make daily shakes that are loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that support detoxification and metabolism and boost your success throughout the two weeks.

Learn more: “How to Detox with Whole Foods

How Should I Plan My Workouts During D.TOX?

Before you begin the D.TOX program, Christ stresses the importance of having a plan for your workouts. To do this, she offers the following tips:

1. Stick with your current routine.

If you’re currently participating in a workout program or have a set regimen, Christ recommends continuing with it if you can.

“We want you to commit to whatever you’re currently doing activity-wise,” she explains. “So, for example, if you’re doing Alpha at Life Time, or if you’re working with a Dynamic Personal Trainer, you can keep that up. You don’t have to stop.”

2. Avoid starting a new fitness program or setting a new goal.

For the two weeks of the D.TOX program, Christ advises refraining from going after new or big fitness goals. “What I don’t want you to do is decide to start training for a marathon or do something out of your normal exercise routine,” she says. “Your body is going to go through some stress, especially in the first few days, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not doing anything too intense or new.”

3. Keep it simple.

Whatever activity you choose to do, Christ emphasizes the importance of simple, daily movement. “I like to keep it simple because the less stress we put on our bodies, the better it will respond to a detox,” she says. “Set a goal around allowing your body to sweat each day. Walking is brilliant, especially if your body is feeling thrown off or tired. I also like to spend a few minutes in the sauna each day, which feels amazing to me.”

4. Listen to your body.

Whether this is your first time doing the D.TOX or you’ve done it many times, it’s important to tune into your body and how it’s feeling. For instance, you may feel the need to scale back or swap out a strength-training session for an active recovery day and some rest, even if it’s not part of your regular exercise program. That’s OK.

Pay attention to your body’s signals, especially in the first few days when you may feel a bit achy or sluggish. The best results will come when you’re willing to really listen to and give your body the type of nourishment and movement it needs.

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Emily Ewen

Emily Ewen is a senior writer and content editor at Life Time.

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