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We’re all doing our part to practice social distancing in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but following the six-feet-apart recommendation doesn’t have to equate to a restrictive fitness experience. We can still find ways to be active, which is essential for boosting immunity and triggering the release of mood-boosting endorphins.

Even better, it’s possible to exercise safely in a health club, if that’s a tool you count on for sticking with a routine. For instance, the spaces and offerings at Life Time are large and vast enough that we’ve been able to implement many safety measures — think reservations for classes, spaced-out equipment, and floor markers — that allow you to spread out and get in a great workout.

Being flexible is key here. Is your go-to treadmill being used? Try getting your heart pumping on an elliptical instead. Is someone hovering by the dumbbell rack? Grab a pair of weights and a yoga mat and set up in another part of the fitness floor. Is it a beautiful outside? Reserve a spot in an outdoor group fitness class.

We’ve pulled together 11 ideas for working out that you can feel good about doing whether you’re on the fitness floor or a sport court, in the pool, or in a class. Pick something that aligns with your go-to exercise strategy and have a plan B in your pocket in case you need to pivot.

Who knows — you may just discover a new favorite go-to workout along the way.

Cardio and Strength Training

  1. The Cardio Challenge: This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine reimagines the treadmill jog, burning fat and building endurance in a quick workout.
  2. New Twists on Old Faves: Love the treadmill, bike, or rower? Get strong, build power, and burn fat on your favorite cardio machine.
  3. The Easy-Strength Workout: You don’t have to sweat and strain to increase your strength. This two-month program gives you something to do every time you’re at the club — with each session taking 20 minutes or less to complete.
  4. Mix It Up With Resistance Machines: This fat-burning strength workout builds in flexibility by utilizing five different machines for upper- and lower-body exercises.
  5. Make use of free weights and exercise tools: Go through this full-body dumbbell-complex workout, efficient kettlebell workout, lightning-fast resistance-band workout, or core-training ab rollout.
  6. Waiting for an area or machine to open up? Or just want to enhance your routine? These body-weight exercises can be done anywhere on the fitness floor. Try lunges, squats, crunches, a glute bridge, the hollow-body hold, or stretches for strength and stretches for mobility.

Group Fitness Classes

  1. If you’re looking for a safe community fitness experience and like to know exactly what to expect from your workout, we have more than 20 different studio, cycle, and yoga class formats you can reserve your spot in — available inside the club, as well as in our outdoor spaces. Class sizes are limited, and reservations are required to ensure safe distancing. For the times you can’t make it to the club, our classes are available on demand, too.


  1. Improve Your Swim Stroke: Go through these three drills to advance your breathing technique, core strength, and whole-body coordination.
  2. Breathing Drills: To improve your breathing rhythm, try these exercises that incorporate squats and wall-ups.


  1. Play a singles match: Because you’re able to maintain distance and refrain from physical contact, tennis has been deemed one of the safer options for recreational games. Book a court time.
  2. Tennis Training Drills: Maximize your on-court potential with these drills meant to increase leg and core strength and speed.
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