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Four 60day finalists at Life Time Pickerington.

The power of community, accountability, and encouragement are palpable for participants of Life Time’s 60day program. Regardless of an individual’s  goals, weight, or lifestyle, our experts have helped thousands of people transform their physical, mental, and emotional health in countless ways, meeting them where they are on their personal journey and support them as they take on new challenges.

For Life Time’s most recent 60day program, each the four 60day finalists at Life Time Pickerington in Ohio came with their own story and their own obstacles to overcome. By the time it finished, they left with new victories, new confidence, and better lifestyles. Their ambition, passion, and determination led to amazing physical changes, as well as renewed senses of self and healthier, happier lifestyles. Here, they share the lessons they learned.

Marybeth Tkac – National 60day Winner

“Although before and after pictures are always great evidence of a physical transformation, they simply cannot capture the scope of mental and emotional transformation. The real victory has been the lessons I’ve learned and the newfound perspective I’ve gained for how I want to navigate life.” (Read her full story here.)

Michael Dunlevy

“During this 60day experience, I’ve learned that I’m in control of how I look and feel, and that the two are not mutually exclusive. My confidence has returned, and I now feel more empowered than ever to create the healthiest and happiest life for myself and my family.” (Read his full story here.)

One woman and two men — all flexing — inside of a Life Time health club.

Hope Anderson

“I wanted to be a better example of health for myself, my family, and the community that I serve. During the 60day Challenge, I was able to grow friendships and find additional motivation. It has truly been amazing to see what 60 days of focus and dedication can do for my fitness and well-being.” (Read her full story here.)

Tosha (Leigh) Hill

“As the pounds started to shed, and the muscles started peeking through, I became even more excited and willing to make the necessary sacrifices. As a result, at the age of 45, I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life! I have also found that I am not alone in my struggles, and I now believe that I never will be.” (Read her full story here.)

Two women and one man — all flexing — inside of a Life Time health club.

Thanks to the grit, dedication, and influence of personal trainers Andrew McGovern and Paul Rennalis, these four lives are changed forever — and their healthy way of life endeavors are well underway.

HOKA and Life Time work together to help inspire athletes of all skill levels and interests to move their bodies and find joy in fitness. One way many Life Time members choose to jump-start their exercise habits is through the 60day Challenge, of which HOKA is a proud partner.

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