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I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Coach Anika – a dietitian, personal trainer and wellness coach at Life Time.

Toxins are all around us — in our food, the air, cleaning supplies, the water we drink and cosmetics. We can even pick up toxins from cell phones, TVs and handheld electronic devices.

Although we all have built-in detoxification systems, it can be difficult to keep up with the daily assault from toxins and it can manifest in our physical health. For example, research has shown that weight and waist circumference (both factors in chronic health risks) are linked with environmental chemical exposure.

The good news is that detoxification programs like Life Time D.TOX® help support our bodies’ detoxification systems by limiting exposure and eliminating built-up toxins so we are better able to handle the excess toxin loads so common with our hectic lifestyles.

Over the past two years I’ve worked with thousands of D.TOX clients, and I’ve not only seen and heard about their amazing results — such as weight loss, decreased inflammation and sugar cravings, increased energy and a glowing complexion — I’ve experienced it for myself as well.

Now that you’re signed up, you’ll have access to the information on our site and in this guide. You’ll also receive weekly motivational emails and educational podcasts from me for the next three weeks.

And you can connect via email with my team of health coaches for added support.

We all come into this program for different reasons, and we’ll all have unique experiences and outcomes. For best results, make sure to read this D.TOX Program Guide and follow all three phases, prep, detox and restore, to get the most out of this life-changing program.

Best wishes from me and my team, and make sure to reach out to us at with any questions or if you need additional support.

In health,
Coach Anika

How to D.TOX

There are three phases to this 14-day detoxification program outlined below. Each phase is outlined in detail within this guide. You’ll spend a little extra time before and after the program (to prepare and restore), but we promise it’s worth it.

Step 1: Prepare (5-7 days pre-detox)

You’ll start by decreasing consumption of inflammatory foods and remove temptations from your home. During this time, you’ll want to order your D.TOX Kit, review this guide, grocery shop with your approved and non-approved foods list and start preparing your meals so you can begin Week One with ease.

Step 2: Detox (Days 1-14)

After minimizing your toxin intake with prep, it’s time to detox. For 14 days, you’ll support all six organs of detoxification with the D.TOX kit, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Make sure to stick to the approved food lists, explore the D.tox recipes, and incorporate the lifestyle and exercise recommendations.

You’ll also receive weekly podcasts and emails from Coach Anika for support and education along the

Step 3: Restore (Day 15 and beyond)

This is the most important part of the program, and everything you’ll have done up to this point will have prepared you for it. Reintroducing too many foods at one time, or too fast, can cause many to feel just plain awful. You’ll want to start to reintroduce foods slowly — one at a time with a few days inbetween — on Day 15.

In this section, we’ll give you tips for living a healthier life beyond the program, too.

What’s Included in Your D.TOX Kit

The included nutritional supplements are formulated to enhance your body’s natural detoxification system. Mix with water or almond milk or add additional ingredients to make a smoothie.

Life Time Fitness Fiber

Encourages optimal digestive function and elimination by promoting beneficial microflora/ bacterial balance in the gut.* Supports weight management efforts and helps maintain the body’s normal inflammatory response.*

Many LT products to help with detox

Life Time D.TOX Shake Mix

Supporting tissue repair and regeneration, this rice and pea protein powder helps eliminate harmful substances in the body.*

Added vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals aid in the detoxification process and promote healing.*

Each kit contains ingredients to make approximately 20 shakes, plus you’ll have some extra fiber to use during the “Restore Phase” if you choose.

What to Expect

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